Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Be My Valentine?

Call an ambulance or something, MY PROM is in 2 days!
INSANE. and well.. My 'Italian experience' (what ever that will mean..) starts in 4. . . days...

are you kidding me!?
  - apparently not...

Friends to the rescue? well, atleast a few! and about friends: they mean the world to me :)
I also had a fairwell party on sunday (in cheerleading -style) and it was great! oh the things that friends can do! They made me so much food that I got angry - I won't be fitting my promdress anyday soon.. and I made them new turquoise bows.. (see from below)

I am literally shaking of excitement..!

My Team Babes
Me and My Bestfriend S

  Fairwell cards and gifts ♥ (the cheer-animal is called BABE♥)

the Valentine song - straight from my look-a-like..

Saturday, 5 February 2011


... well that's what they say! ..on TV. I'm spending Saturday night at home, watching UFO-document from TV. This wouldn't be bizarre, If I'd do this with my boyfriend and he would've chosen the program... BUT I'm all alone, and I chose it.

WELL, I can always say: "but hey, Sex and the City starts in 30 mins !!"
......"Today I'm studying for exams" - SO IT SEEMS.

Anyways, soon I'll be off to Italy (the excitement is intolerable!!) ... Meanwhile - PROM, cleaning, packing, dieting... I feel dizzy!

AND while I should be spending my time on all this .... I am actually looking at Elie Saab Spring Couture collection 2011. . . with stars in my eyes! If I have ever been in love it is right here, right now. Elie Saab is a genius. PURE GENIUS. who can create half a collection on one fabric, and still have all of the gowns different and unique? The love of my eyes, Elie Saab.

here's a taste sample for your eyes:

The closier outfit in Elie Saab Spring 2011 Haute Couture - fashionshow (TIP: rest of the pics are shown for example in Elie Saab's Facebook Fanpage ! (LIKE LIKE LIKE!!♥)

Clubbing on saturday night? - sure, why not.. Sex and the City? - DEFINITELYY!! 

I'm also Internet shopping.... (AGAIN) and this web-store with bellyrings (and other piercings) really caught my eye!
I usually personally HATE the bellyrings with an pendant, but now.. when I see a few settle examples, I think I could have one! I've had a bellyring since an 8th grader, so since the age of 14 I've had my belly pierced!

Here's the store: Crazy Factory

What else? well..... I'm on a diet, but today I ate like a little horse (...a pony that is) but tomorrow I'll get it back together, and get SKINNY.
skinny like she is:

if you don't know who she is, she is Kiira Korpi, finnish iceskater, and perhaps my favorite athlete in the entire world!

For the last but not for the least: I think MTV has read my mind, 'cause their new show 'Plain Jane' is everything I've hoped for a tv show! Can't wait for it to start!