Saturday, 13 November 2010

Some hot Secrets..

... U'll see on the catwalk in the annual show of Victoria's Secret! LOVE LOVE LOVE!♥

If u don't believe me, then see for urself:

Haha, can u believe it, mum just bought us all new furniture for our livingroom. So next weekend I'll be painting walls! ... and celebrating my sister's birthday at her White Party... and On Tuesday, LANVIN ♥ H&M will hit the stores. AND on the following sathurday some Finnish designers will be selling their x-mas gifts at the annual Helsinki10's christmas-sale♥ (Helsinki10 is a Finnish store (located in helsinki ..SURPRISE SURPRISE) Selling the best brands and Vintage wear, along with jewellery and accesories!)
arrgghhh.. Have u thought about changing ur FB password? well DON'T. It sucks. U'll always write the wrong one first. And this Black'n'White photo is my newest profile pic. because what ever they say, I ♥ FB

Btw. Did u know that Diana Vickers was born in 1991? Omg, her sense of style (or her stylist..) is awesome!♥

Well, I'm gonna grab my caramel tea (a new taste experience..) and start sewing this dress i'm working on. It's pretty much chaotic..


Piece of Cake♥

Ohh what an wonderful day. And full of action and SUGAR!

After my 'oh so boring' schoolday, I wen't to buy some supplies for a cake I had planned for my sisters B-Day.
Here's what I created (It's like two huge pieces of cake, one for my sis, and the other one for her husband)
Yummyy! In this cake there are fresh strawberries, banana, chocolate strawberries, raspberry cream.... etc. ♥

I personally HATE cakes, but I love to bake them.


Yest. I went to a theater with my french class. And the play was just dreadful... Me and my friend Tiina, we were literally suffering the whole damn 2 h 45 minutes! It was just.. a nightmare, tbh.

Well atleast something good happened on yesterday too: I had a little time to take a pic from my outfit of the day: yet the quality

Dress: Saints&Mortals (Shopped from Carlings) Shoes: Vagabond Necklace: ASOS Shiny leggings: GinaTricot Belt: H&M

..."Blondie" indeed!♥
And my themesong for today is also made by another blondie (we surely rule the World !)

Any other news? Not really.... Just waiting for x-mas. The christmas countdown will start soon!♥ But before that, check out the sickest advent calendar in the UNIVERSE, made by porsche, sold by Harrod's! if I'd only have ... 1 million dollar$..?

Well, lets dream on, shall we!♥

XOXO, Tara

Monday, 8 November 2010

A Grey Day

This day has been awfully grey (and not only the weather). I've sat here at home, doing nothing else but schoolwork and ehhh.. nothing. What an boring day.. allthough there has been a little action in my day too...

First: I got a cut from my foundation cream jar (awesome) Thanks a lot, Dior
and then.. Desperate Housewives made a comeback on TV here in Finland! YAY! ♥

Otherwise this day has been DULL, DULL and DULL. Well tomorrow it's back to school, and then to cheer practice after that and oh lord. WELL, atleast finally I'll get my action.

AND, here's the outfit of the day (and surprise surprise: it's GREYish!)

And what we got here, is a really messy room haha well it's me - so there's clothes everywhere!

And I'm wearing a short denim dress by Guess, black basic leggings, black over the knee boots, grey knitted tube scarf, cute and girly blazer with little puff-sleeves in the color of grey and huge golden earrings all from H&M, and the denim 'Chanel-style' mini bag is a find from Malta.

Yep, that's all (a LOT of H&M there!)

PS: Here's something about Eva Longorias Ham dress: (and BTW U really think that LG would've gotten upset BY THAT? ohh please, I think (and hope) she has a bit thicker skin!)

 : T


The EMAs? awesome! Those 13 outfits on Eva? Lovely! Except for one....

... Did Eva just dressed up as a.. Ham? Sweet!

BTW! Too bad that Lady Gaga couldn't make it to Madrid, but atleast the crowd in Budabest got quite a show, and for that we have to congratulate u, LG ! ♥ WELL DONE!
And did u see the Longoria family?! I guess I need to study my roots a bit too (oh, God, let me have Spanish relatives too!)
And my last note on the EMAs 2010 ---> was Ke$ha... DRUNK??

Well,  anyways, thanks for the show, it was incredible! (My favourite award was the one they gave to Shakira for her charity work in Africa! Go Waka Waka!)

If u missed EMAs or u wanna read more about it go to

While u're surfing there, u might see this: Only The Hot Parts: Emma Watson Joins The No Pants Club <-- ..and u might go: ":O"
but.... she does look great, doesn't she? (I mean, breath in and out for ten times and when u've passed the shock state, look again!)

Aaaanyways, I'm (still) sick and tired! so let's call it a night, shall we?

Kisses (fortunately they're virtual, so u won't be infected!) ♥

Sunday, 7 November 2010

EMA's 2010

Still about an hour 'till the annual Europe Music Awards (Live from redcarpet) starts in Madrid, Spain! EXITING!
And what's even more exiting is that this years host will be the gorgeous desperate housewife - Eva Longoria-Parker, and she's gonna beat last years host Katy Perry with 13 outfit changes! And one of her dresses will be designed by Victoria Beckham! I'm almost shaking for exitement!

What's also exiting, is that Lady Gaga will be in da house! And her outfit's never counts as boring..
Let's look back to this years VMA's (MTV Video Music Awards)


delichious...! Unless ur a vegetarian like me. and Yes, ur eyes are not lying - her dress and shoes are made out of bacon and she has a steak on her head. . Yummy? Well as she says: "Men loves bacon"

But tbh, who are we to judge? I mean can u really honestly say that u'd have the courage to go on a stage all covered in.. bacon?

The real question is: What would you wear for the EMA's ?

I'd probably play it safe with Valentinos short light grey dress from the prefall collection 2010, spicing it up with edgy black heels, glam hair-do and dark eye make-up.

..too bad we're not there!

Anyways, soon it'll start, and I don't want to miss a second of it, so see ya later, alligator(s)!
And enjoy the EMAs ;) !!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Oh what a glorious morning..

...IF u find it glorious to be sick - ouch! And that shall be the reason for me not to post a picture of my todays outfit - 'cause I'm in my byjamas!

Well, anyhow I Think this all writing a blog thing is growing on to me. (: Now I almost feel a need to do it! And I promise: When I get better, I'll start posting pics of my outfits like a true fashionblogger - haha ;)

Meanwhile - Isn't it just lovely to talk on the phone for ur old friend? the best way to wake-up! I spent like 2 first hours of the day by talking about memories with my dear friend Linda!
Here's one of our great memories together: On a beach in the Comino island, Malta. There's Anniina, Me and Linda. I miss those girls LOADS! 
Anyways, Here I am, sitting in front of my desk, with the worst headaich EVER and I can truly feel the fever! Oh lord, well, what can u say? It is what it is :D While I listen to Bruno Mars singing "Girl you're amazing, just the way u are..." I try to avoid seeing myself from the mirror.

Well, to be clear I am here to write about fashion, right? SO, let's start, shall we!

....exactly! Here in Finland we have only one prom during Highschool. (yes, it's quite sad) But, that means, that all the focuse is on that one particular day. And this is pretty much how the day goes: First we wake-up extremely early in the morning and head to the hair-dresser and make-up (dw, all the spraytanning and solarium has been taken care of earlier :D (eventhough, I don't do that - I'm pale and I'm proud (thankyou, Twilight!)) So this all happends between like 7-9:00 am. And then we head to our schools (this happends in every highschool in Finland on the same day) and our prom is nothing like "let's dance a bit a have a band and get drunk." - oh no no no! We have been learning differend kinds of ballroom dances before the prom and then we have three shows on that one day, the first one at 11am and the last one at 6pm. and well, after that we change our gowns to glittery party dresses, add some more make-up, jump into limos and head first to a restaurant and after that to the clubs.
And when it comes to these two prom outfits (the gown itself and the afterparty dress) it's our time to show it off, and put out best efford on them. So, I've been planning on something like this:

H&M product image
My favorite piece from H&M!
ahhh, I love that dress! and it's not too expensive either!

and it would perfectly fit with these:
'Sakura' glitter platform shoes by TOPSHOP (
but then....

There's another dress too: Electric blue one shoulder chiffon minidress by VERO MODA, from ASOS
Oh, the difficulty of choise! Please comment if u think that the other outfit would be LOOOADS better than the other one (:

And now, let me get a cup of tea and a tissue (or two..)

I'll be back, and hopefully I'll be better then!
see ya soon, honeys!

Friday, 5 November 2010

The Christmas Gifts!

Here we go! as I promised, I'll start my HUGE preparing for the celebration of the year! and that means, X-mas ofc!
I prepared a special list of GOOD X-MAS GIFTS for someone who's fashionforward! I hope it comes as a good tip for some of ya'll. So if u're having a hard time trying to find a gift for someone, I hope u find these tips useful!


Red is always a colour that draws attention. It's also one of the colors of christmas! A Nailpolish is always a nice little gift, and it doesn't have to be a cheap gift! Chanel's 'FIRE' (around 25-30 €) is a burning hot red nailcolour, that's always a classy choise, and fits for many people! And eventhough it wouldn't fit her, she'd still love to have it on top of her dresser for show ;) Trust me, this one is a sure choise! (The shoe in the pictures is from DUMOND)♥

The other nailpolish in the lower picture is an example of an cheeper choise (This is a nice gift if u buy a few differend coloured ones into one package!) It's the new autumn shade called 'Midnight Passion' by H&M. And what comes to H&M, LANVIN has designed a collection called 'Lanvin ♥ H&M - Hiver 2010' that's coming to the stores on the 23th of this month  (but if u can't wait go to the adress:

Perfume is a great but yet really tricky gift! in this pic u'll see Burberry's perfume 'BRIT' which I absolutely adore!! Burberry released the perfume in 2003, and it has notes of lime, icy pear, green almond, white peony, sugared almond, mahogany wood, amber, vanilla beans and tonka beans. (Talk about a delicious scent!)
Also in this pic u can see a heart-shaped measuring tape - necklace in the colour of antique gold from ASOS. (under 10 €). it's very delicate eventhough it's quite large, and it has a long chain. (atleast it's not invisable! - I love it!) To visit the most magnificent web-store (atleast IMO) for some x-mas gifts (AND MORE!) go to:
'DEAR SANTA: This year instead of a christmas stocking I'd love to have Manolos hanging upon the fireplace...'

Powder w/ Black: see it with ur own eyes: this combination is for the win! Soften up the contrast of the legendary black'n'white by choosing a warmer shade of pale! This combo truly fits for most of us!

The pale powder meets the croco-pathern in edgy 12 cm heels - 'So this Season!' - Heels: TOPSHOP (for more, visit
Signature perfume Chloé by Chloé (Eau de Perfume or the last years newcomer: Eau de Toilette (which is slightly lighter))  is an perfume that suites for many. (But be sure, before u buy it as a gift!) TIP: also available in a 'take me with u' - version (easy to carry in a bag without worrying for it to break!)

Also remember this: With pearls u can't go wrong! There's so many differend colours and shapes (and pricetags!) from where u can choose!
Other things u can spot from those pictures: Powder shade ruffle hem dress by H&M (with well fitting corset top!) ♥ Axel Madsen's book about Coco Chanel (I recommend with ALL MY HEART!) ♥ An eyemask (great gift for those who travel loads!) ♥ Thomas Sabo - Charm club: There's one for every taste! It's a lovely gift, because it can easily be personalized! And the charms are NOT THAT expensive (...if u choose wisely! ) ♥ Make-up brushes and kits are always used and for that reason they need to be changed every now and then - so, what could be a better gift for someone completely make-up-holic! (and u won't need to think about which shades matches her skintone ect.!) ♥ also: if u can't come up with anything ur fashionista friend doesn't already have, then order a magazine for her! I mean I'd LOVE to have my Vogue or Harper's Bazaar delivered!
The Pearl-chain- layered necklace on the white x-mas tree is from TOPSHOP ♥ and the little cigarette-purse underneath it is from MANGO (unfortunately it's from the 2009 collection.)

In this example they're from Dior, but there are plenty of other perfume marks too, which makes these selections of small perfumes. SO, you don't have to know her fav perfume, it's enough if u know a brand she likes! And this way the receiver of the gift might even find a new perfume she just LOVES! ♥

Diamonds are a girls bestfriend - and if u can't afford them, crystals comes as an great second! I mean: very few of our friends can tell which one of the stones is a crystal and which one is diamond. And with crystals - I prefere Swarovski!

Who says that Pink is not a christmas colour?

Cosmetics, fine chocolates and movies - the perfect package for the ultimate girly girl! Anthon Berg makes the finest chocolates from the finest ingrediences. And the boxes are so cute, that it's almost a shame to wrap some wrapping paper around them♥ The cosmetics in this photo are the sweet and yummy bodyspray from Victoria's Secret (, Versaces scent (and the bodycream!) 'Bright Crystal', and the following nailpolishes: H&M - 'check me out' & 'it's genious', REVLON - 'lilac pastelle' and MAVALA - 'Touloise'
The Movies (for the ultimate Girls night In!) in the picture are Breakfast at Tiffany's (Starred by Audrey Hepburn) and Sex and The City (with who else than SJP and the other 'foxy ladies!')
♥ - Great tip for a gift - I mean, who doesn't love movies! And movies with style..? EVEN BETTER!

The composable collection by Nomination Italy has 4 differend sizes and styles u can choose from. They're called the Big, Classic, Small and Tiny. And u can choose if u want u're pracelet (or the one u're giving as a gift) to be made from stainless steel, gold or even gunmetal! They're awesome, and there's collectable pieces for every taste! (Just be sure when u're buying one as a gift, that it suites to the person u're giving it to!) ♥ More About Nomination's composable collection (and their other jewellery too) click urself to:

Gold: 'Blondie' - necklace from ASOS (unfortunally it's not real gold) And the scents are from Escada and the Eternity by Calvin Klein (both of them are small bottles)
Also, a charming box can already count as an part of the actual gift instead of being just the wrap.
These examples are presented to you in a piece of Finnish desing: Marimekko's 'Mariskooli' (a small bowl with a pedestal, made entirely of glass) Differend kinds of Mariskooli's and loads more about finnish design:

That was all for now, Yours Truly, Tara♥

PS. All Photos by Me.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


H'ola Pumpkins! ♥ (pumpkins indeed!)

Eventhough Halloween already passed us by, I want to make a small post about the costumeparty-day of the year, before I start my annual getting-ready-to-christmas process!

Here's Chanel Iman for VOGUE Germany (Nov 2009) showing us how to do it RIGHT!♥

TIP: The best place to see how the celebs did it this Halloween is from the blog of the celebrity-gossip Queen-male, Perez Hiton (

Here's some of MY outfits:

Halloween 2010

 u might have already noticed, I was dressed up as a cat - meow!
+ pay attention to my sequin leggings (from Zara)! Highly shiny, and extremely uncomfortable!

Here's also some from last years Halloween:

Scary? well, there can be a lot of opinions on that ! But here we are, Kitten, French Maid (me) and a Witch. And ofc a bottle of something sparkling!♥

I hope u had a Happy Halloween! I know I did ;)

As a cherry on top of the cake: They have opened the worlds first +18 cakestore in London to selebrate Halloween!! It's a great thing to those who are dieting: these cakes are not looking delishious! :D More about the evil cake store called 'EAT YOUR HEART OUT & THE PRETOX POTION' on their blog:

That was all for now, Lovers!

'You know you love me, XOXO...'  ♥♥♥

A thing or two about Tara..

It's me again, Tara. Haven't been able to write here, but now I'm telling myself to get a grip, girl!

First of all I want to start this looooong entry by telling u something about me, 'cause well, it's good to know, who's blog u're reading, right? ;) SO, here we go:

well obviously I'm a girl, and my first name is actually a finnish name, Taru (which btw means a story, myth or a legend in finnish), but already as a kid I got the nickname Tara. If I remember correctly, I got it after traveling abroad with my family. And what comes to my family, it's quite normal (who am I kidding?) with devorced parents, and 3 siblings. My oldest sis is married, and I am an aunt for my nephew, 3 months. And from siblings, I'm the youngest of four! I'm 17, and still in highschool. Atm I live in Helsinki with my mom, but after graduating from my school my plan would be to pack my belongings and head to London to study Fashion design and marketing.
The reason why I started to write a blog was 'cause everyone is always commenting and talking about my style and they seem to love it ! and the last thing that made me do this was when last year my Finnish teacher came to ask me if I was a fashionblogger. I was a bit confused, and sayd: "well, noo...?" and she was like: "Oh, well that's a shame! See, we were talking about this in the teacher's boardmeeting and we were wondering that u must have a blog!" - Kinda dropped me off my chair... haha, well I guess, here I am then!

Here in Finland the fashionbusiness and the circles are not that GRANDE, but there's a few events here and there and the finnish design is growing as we speak. If u're not finnish, u still might have heard about Paola Suhonen or Tiia Wanhatapio? Well, maybe one day my name will be known too, but right now I need to focuse on my studies, and well, doing the best I can with this blog (:

For the finnish readers (mom?) I have to say, that I write in English mainly 'cause I need to exercise it regularly, but also 'cause I have tons of friends abroad, and well, I'm heading to Tuscany, Italy, for four months as an exchange student in February, so I think it's fair to everyone to use the language most people in this world understands, right? ;) (and to my anti-Anglican frenchprofessor: "Too bad, so sad!"

I guess this is all I can say right now, but as we get this blog working ( that means getting me off my lazy ass..) I'm sure u'll get to know me so much better!

XOXO & Au revoir, Loved ones

My Lovely Sister Laura and Me