Thursday, 26 April 2012

"Today I'm wearing This.♥"

Off to work, but just really quickly, Here's my outfit off the day (ignore the fugly carpet!)
Shirt // Zara
Pants // Zara
Accessories // Bijou Brigitte
Bag // DKNY

Such a pretty face, haha!

Then I also went to the Beauty Salon to get the eyelash extensions for the summer! I think they turned out pretty good! The girl who did them has just a while ago started her business and it took 3,5 hours (haha, which I spent eyes closed..) to get them done! But she did good. She used 7,8,9,10 and 12mm lashes, and I like the natural look that the variety of the lenght creates! Oh yeah, and she only took 45e, and I felt kinda bad for paying that little, since it was such a huge work for her..

Blink Blink!

Also, I've fell in love with an amazing accessory brand called 'fab.' - Their pieces are just plain stunning (and genuine leather)! see for yourself-

Here are my fav bags from fab. !
"Kantong Nini Love Stud" in green suede
"Gili Rumbai - Big" in Avocado suede
"Ita Clutch" in NB aqua and in Anggur suede

...They are just so cute, gotta Love them!
what do u think?

Monday, 23 April 2012

Getting all my stuff together

Tday I've been packing and cleaning the whole day. My Mom's moving on the 4th of May and I'll live the summer w/ her at her new place, and then in the end of the summer I'll find my own place.
 So now that I'm packing I need to carefully think which things I'll use during the summer since I'm going to unpack some of the stuff next time in my own apartment..
ofc I also organized the jewellery.. (this is not all of it..)
This is how empty my bookshell is now..
All off my beauty products and jewels fitted here..
My fav pumps still on show.. for now.
Here's some of the stuff I'm gonna unpack at my own flat..

The funny thing is, that I'm not sad at all! I'm just sooo excited to leave! And even more excited to have my own little apartment with my own little things! ♥  I don't know how on earth I'm gonna fit into a studio apartment with all my belongings, but... I will figure out something!
pic// tumblr.con

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Artist ♥

The Sun Is Shining !!!
..Without saying anything else, here's pretty far my day in pictures:
My Passion fruit Slush at the Cinema
My shoe!
The stairs of the cinema (Kino-palace, Helsinki)
We went to see 'The Artist' w/ my mom. And we both agreed it was breathtaking and insanely good! A true masterpiece!
I could almost see my reflection from my (slightly dusty) handbag!
My River Island watch and a heart ring from Forever21
Before walking home I briefly visited Zara... and found so many cute pieces... damn.
..including this super cute jumpsuit! and do laugh at my white legs.. summer hurry up!

Tbh The day isn't quite over yet: I'm off to have a walk with one of my bestfriends! Yay, such a lovely Sunday! Hope u had a good day too! xoxo!

Ps. If you didn't know what The Artist is about, do watch the trailer from below! X

Happy ♥

Sorry it took me longer than a day to get the pics of my tattoo.. But now I got them!
Taking this pic was such a struggle: I had to bend my arm backwards to take the pic from behind, 'cause there's no-one else here to help me!

Anyways, I made it and here is the picture!!

The idea of the tattoo comes from a Finnish saying "Happiness is found from between your ears" as in "happiness is found in you." I wanted my tattoo to remind me of something important. And I'm always trying to overachieve, so it reminds me that only I can make myself happy, and no-one else, unless I don't let them. Also I don't need to seek for anyone elses approval, I should just be happy with myself. Something really important. Also the last two S-letters are kinda like two 8's, 'cause I was born on the 8th of August at 8 o'clock. So obviously it's my lucky number! !♥♥

Few days ago I told that I had bought some summer clothes, so I might as well post those pics too..
All // GinaTricot !

Yay, This Happy Happiness Chic is off to bed. But before that I have a confession to make; I might have a small crush on someone... ;)
That is all I'm confessing! Stay Tooned! ♥ 
Kisses'n'Hugs, Tara
"...Hello Hello, can you hear me?
I can be your china doll, if you want to see me fall.."

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Summer of Love 2012! ♥

Hey everyone
It's 3:00am and I'm updating my blog. I know it's insane, but that's just how I roll - haha!

I'm just SO exited about the upcoming summer! Today I bought a pair of shorts and a crop top from GinaTricot. I'm so exited, the shorts are hott!! 'cause the light sucks right now, I'll take the pics later! I've also bought a pile of summer tops and bikinis, and soon I'm about to buy a cropped denim jacket and these super cute pale brown gladiators. Then I'll have to CHILL THE FUCK OUT with shopping. 'cause I'm seriously out of control!

Anyways, here are some pics from We♥ that I find quite inspiring for the summer...
.... I just can't wait! Tomorrow I'll have to upload some pics of my summer wardrobe. And the tattoo!
Today I went to the movies w/ my pals Anna, Alberto, Aaro, Juhani, Tuomas and Sabrina. We saw the new American pie, and I thought it was actually quite funny. On Sunday mom's taking me to see 'The Artist' and I'm really excited about that too! ♥
Also, I've been "coding" with this guy.. We'll see what's gonna happen - if anything!

Oh yeah and today while with my friends, one of them gasped "you are just so pretty!" out of the blue! Those little confident boosts mean the world to my low selfesteem..

I just LOVE my friends! Can't wait for the summer and all the chilling and sunbathing and summerparties with them. Last summer we set the bar quite high, but this year we're gonna go even higher!! AND I'm spending three weeks in London and Paris !! L-O-V-E!

while in the movies, this trailer hit the screen and we all agreed that our summer will look something like this;

How did they even got the horse into the party!? Geez!
Anyways, gotta run - to bed! Sunshine and kisses for everyone!