Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Springspiration! ♥♥

Spring Inspiration: Perfect hair, Nature, Glowing tan, Lace Shorts, Over The Knee Socks, Mulberry Harriet Satchel, Dieting, Statement Jewelry ! ♥♥

Pics: We♥It, Mulberry, unknown sources.

Hurry Up Spring !!! ♥

Monday, 30 January 2012

City Lights

Best Day Ever! I'm sooo excited about this day! !♥♥

First of all I woke up laaate and then at 1pm I met my friends Malva, Johanna and Anna in Kamppi, where we spent 3 hours in this "All you can eat" restaurant, that has a buffet of Sushi, Chinese and Thai food. ♥ mmmmm.... (Okay we didn't eat 3 h, but we talked a lot and had a blast .. and ate. It was sooo good). We also made a promise to go to the Tally Weijl while in Tallinn.. So I'm getting my Blue Watch!! Love is in the air lalalala...
ommnomm. ♥ haha these girls sure know how to have fun. 

Oh, then I went to Zara with Malva and saw these kinda petite looking pants and went "haha I bet I can't fit those" (eu size 34/US 2) and I put them on. and I was like "DAAMNN, do they have a smaller size?" They fitted me! well! And I looked kinda good. In Pants!!! I never wear pants! ♥♥ SO I bought them.. and a top to go w/ them.. I am so exciteddd!!

Okay I just ate a lot of sushi before that but you get the picture.. Top 12,95e, Pants 35,90e Both // Zara

Okay I did made a promise not to buy anything before I go to London.. But what am I supposed to wear in London??? I Needed to buy that outfit! ;)

..Then I also went to H&M just for a quick visit.. and I tried on this dress (since I need something to wear in Tallinn.. (What I need is some help for my shopping addiction..))
Eventho the color is so lovely and vibrant I think I'm not buying the dress. It looked better on the mannequin! Well if U fell in love, it was only 14,95e ! ♥

In the end, I walked home  from the center (like 5 km) and when I came over the bridge that leads to my home island, I noticed how amazingly beautiful evening it was.. I guess in moments like that, when you're not hurrying anywhere u might just notice that winter can be awesome in it's own cruel way..♥

Yay, Tomorrow Daddy is takin' me shopping. ♥♥♥ He has a problem: His wallet is too heavy. Thankgod he also has a solution for his problem: Me. ♥

To make a good day into a perfect one:
some music from my fav band 'Two Door Cinema Club' ♥

From Helsinki with love, T. ♥

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Winter Day

Here I am, at home, hanging in my cosy TOPSHOP Slippers. Sipping my green chai tea w/ soya milk..

When I go out I need to put on regular socks + woolly socks + UGGS. Somewhere ppl are wearing flipflops. So unfair..

I have decided that if I can't get into any schools for next fall, I'll go to america for a yr/6 months. It seems that everyone's happy, thin and tanned in L.A.. I wanna go see for myself! I am SO fed up w/ the finnish weather: in summer it rains all the time and in winter u can't leave the house without dying out there.. I'm done with being an eskimo!

Just look at Nicole Richies L.A. Style...

..Oh how I want those YSL sunglasses from the 1th picture. ♥♥♥
Today I went for a walk and well - I had my camera with me!

Woolly hat // Carlings, Jacket // Cubus, Quilted bag and tube scarf both // GinaTricot

We skipped the sushi for today, and decided to go tomorrow after our swedish exam.. So I'll be off to bed, and we'll see how I'll do in the exam! x

PartyParty ♥

Today ..(or Yesterday) I went out w/ my lovely Ladies Anna, Malva and Johanna to dance our butts off at my fav club called Tavastia. It's an indie kind of club where they play awesome music like Two Door Cinema Club and Florence and the Machine - untouched! It's not that basic tecno clubbing music and therefor everyone is dancing as they like. And the dresscode is quite casual.. I ♥ That club. It's a place where (for a change) guys don't come to dance behind you in that very annoying way..

Another funny thing about that club is that both my Mom and my grandma used to go there when they were young. So it runs in my vains!

Here's my outfit and Some Girls night out Pics:

Top // Only, Shoes // Seppälä, Leggings // GinaTricot, Clutch // Mango, "Blondie" Necklace // ASOS
PS. Notice the new nailpolish and ring from yesterdays post!

haha me...
Anyways, While in italy I totally fell in love with this brand called "Tally Weijl" and bought nearly everything from there. Well after returning to Finland I've really missed the store and decided to check if they have it in London. As it appeared, they don't. - But I'm going to have my Final year School Cruise to Estonia. And guess what I found out? There's Tally Weijl in Tallinn. and Today I talked my girls into a master plan: after a long night of partying at the cruise, we're gonna get our asses up early and head to Tally Weijl! ♥ ♥ ♥

Click the icon to go to their website

Here's some of my fav pieces:
When I get there atleast the blue watch is DEFINITELY coming home with me. I loooooove that watch ♥

Yep, tomorrow (or today..) we're going to have some sushi w/ my girls. Happy hangover-day for everyone!

X, T ♥

Saturday, 28 January 2012

It's The Little Things... ♥

Heyy! I'm exhausted, but still decided to write something quick. Even tho yest I still had some fever I still went to this big exam (4h..) this morning. To be honest I think I did quite well. . Then umm..

oh yes, I had my cheerpractise ♥ it was lovely, I really love to do it. and at the same time I still sometimes hate that I love it so. Reminds me of this video..

...still, having ur team mates around you and going thru bad and good times and failures and victories... cheerleading takes my time and energy, but gives me So Much. I ♥ IT.

and here's my fav squad that keeps inspiring me...

So enough with that "nonsense" = after my cheerpractise I went to the centrum for some small shopping.. and I got a petite plastic bag with one small ring(size xs / 16mm (I have small fingers and I never seem to find rings from commercial stores.. I need to go to the real jewellery stores..) and a little bottle of neonpink nailpolish. (I'm going out tomorrow! ♥)
Both // Kicks
... I guess the best things come in small packages! ♥

Then I also tried on Dior Nude mineral foundation (shade 020). A year ago I used it all the time, but it was so expensive, so I had to find a cheeper brand. and now I saw it in the make-up counter, and I had to try it on... and It feels like silk, looks like silk and works like a dream.. I know what I'm buying from the Airport, when going to London!! I think I'm also gonna pick the newest John Galliano perfume Parlez-moi D'Amour "Speak to me about love" and YSL Rouge Volupte no. 19 Frivolous Pink ♥
I Hope Y'all Had a Great week, and you're enjoying your well-earned weekend! ♥