Saturday, 28 January 2012

It's The Little Things... ♥

Heyy! I'm exhausted, but still decided to write something quick. Even tho yest I still had some fever I still went to this big exam (4h..) this morning. To be honest I think I did quite well. . Then umm..

oh yes, I had my cheerpractise ♥ it was lovely, I really love to do it. and at the same time I still sometimes hate that I love it so. Reminds me of this video..

...still, having ur team mates around you and going thru bad and good times and failures and victories... cheerleading takes my time and energy, but gives me So Much. I ♥ IT.

and here's my fav squad that keeps inspiring me...

So enough with that "nonsense" = after my cheerpractise I went to the centrum for some small shopping.. and I got a petite plastic bag with one small ring(size xs / 16mm (I have small fingers and I never seem to find rings from commercial stores.. I need to go to the real jewellery stores..) and a little bottle of neonpink nailpolish. (I'm going out tomorrow! ♥)
Both // Kicks
... I guess the best things come in small packages! ♥

Then I also tried on Dior Nude mineral foundation (shade 020). A year ago I used it all the time, but it was so expensive, so I had to find a cheeper brand. and now I saw it in the make-up counter, and I had to try it on... and It feels like silk, looks like silk and works like a dream.. I know what I'm buying from the Airport, when going to London!! I think I'm also gonna pick the newest John Galliano perfume Parlez-moi D'Amour "Speak to me about love" and YSL Rouge Volupte no. 19 Frivolous Pink ♥
I Hope Y'all Had a Great week, and you're enjoying your well-earned weekend! ♥



  1. Ihana toi pinkki lakka :)


  2. Nuppu // Kiitos! ♥ Maksoi vaan 3 euroa, ja oikeen loistaa kynsissä!

    Priscilla // Thanks! ♥ I really love it too, and I just wore it for a night out and it's the ultimate party color! it Glows in the spotlights!

    Laura // Thankyou! I just checked your blog and I loved it! I wish I could understand what u're writing, but unfortunately I don't know any German :/

    Love, T. ♥