Thursday, 5 January 2012

Why am I still up? 4 am??

Gosh these holidays really fuck up my daily routines..

well w/e: here's about my day ! (starting with accessories..)
 I saw a dream about dating a guy with a dark skin .. mmm he was cute! ♥ and we also had a small puppy. Dude. I wanna go back to that dream and never wake up. (He also had a sixpack)

Then unfortunately I woke up to have some coffee and headed to this Therapy treatment place to get a massage! Relaaaaaaxing. After that daddy drove me to meet my friend Soile after a really long while, and we had sushi at Kluuvi's Hanko-Sushi. (yummyyy!)

Then I was off to my cheerpractise and after that we had smoothies with my friend Annika, and talked (and gossiped) about everything - so refreshing.

Around 10 o'clock I got home and hugged my mom! (it was really nice since we really rarely do anything like that..) and watched the film 'Little Black Book' with my Sis.

Some pics of my outfit..

... this might be a bit shocking but my fav color is actually White. Who would've guessed??

PS: my biggest problem this morning was my coffee - it was too hot. So I had to post u this picture, in case there's a male reader in the audience: Because with that face I'm probably gonna get some:

...hahah x)