Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tomorrow it's ON.

Tomorrow I'll go back to school after tree weeks of chilling. ...Who am I kidding - I've been studying the whole holiday. ..Atleast half of it. or a half of the half..

The day before yesterday I was admiring my sister's nails. I was like "omg nice nail polish!!" and she goes: "it yours.." .. Woops, I think I have a bit too many of them. But anyways, so I did my nails with the light pink polish from KIKO. And Yesterday I went to Itäkeskus with my friend Anna, and I bought a cute top from GinaTricot, some accessories to my school-ending-party-outfit: I'm going to dress up as a Barbie!

oh, and I also took a new piercing into my left ear..!

Then we went to the Library and spent 4 h for studying..

The day before that I spent with my buddy Josie who took some pics of me for this competition.. still haven't really sent them to the competition... BUT there's still time left.... !!

I'll link that laters so you can all vote for me! hihi.
And here's a sneak peek of the photos..:

OH, and also..: I did something like THIS to my hair (now I only gotta find a lipstick like that..)
                                                  PHOTO found from the blog 'Mom, The Intern.'

I promise to post pictures of my hair laters.. But now I gotta go to do some stretching - I got the tryouts Tomorrow! Wish me luck!!
The Song of the Day..(MEGA LOVE)

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