Monday, 30 January 2012

City Lights

Best Day Ever! I'm sooo excited about this day! !♥♥

First of all I woke up laaate and then at 1pm I met my friends Malva, Johanna and Anna in Kamppi, where we spent 3 hours in this "All you can eat" restaurant, that has a buffet of Sushi, Chinese and Thai food. ♥ mmmmm.... (Okay we didn't eat 3 h, but we talked a lot and had a blast .. and ate. It was sooo good). We also made a promise to go to the Tally Weijl while in Tallinn.. So I'm getting my Blue Watch!! Love is in the air lalalala...
ommnomm. ♥ haha these girls sure know how to have fun. 

Oh, then I went to Zara with Malva and saw these kinda petite looking pants and went "haha I bet I can't fit those" (eu size 34/US 2) and I put them on. and I was like "DAAMNN, do they have a smaller size?" They fitted me! well! And I looked kinda good. In Pants!!! I never wear pants! ♥♥ SO I bought them.. and a top to go w/ them.. I am so exciteddd!!

Okay I just ate a lot of sushi before that but you get the picture.. Top 12,95e, Pants 35,90e Both // Zara

Okay I did made a promise not to buy anything before I go to London.. But what am I supposed to wear in London??? I Needed to buy that outfit! ;)

..Then I also went to H&M just for a quick visit.. and I tried on this dress (since I need something to wear in Tallinn.. (What I need is some help for my shopping addiction..))
Eventho the color is so lovely and vibrant I think I'm not buying the dress. It looked better on the mannequin! Well if U fell in love, it was only 14,95e ! ♥

In the end, I walked home  from the center (like 5 km) and when I came over the bridge that leads to my home island, I noticed how amazingly beautiful evening it was.. I guess in moments like that, when you're not hurrying anywhere u might just notice that winter can be awesome in it's own cruel way..♥

Yay, Tomorrow Daddy is takin' me shopping. ♥♥♥ He has a problem: His wallet is too heavy. Thankgod he also has a solution for his problem: Me. ♥

To make a good day into a perfect one:
some music from my fav band 'Two Door Cinema Club' ♥

From Helsinki with love, T. ♥


  1. You're so sweet! Love your blog too...I've sorta been MIA, but I should get on my blogging again :)XO

    1. Thankyou! ♥ Yes, you really should, I know I'd be reading it! :)

      xoxo, T.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    I follow you