Sunday, 29 January 2012

PartyParty ♥

Today ..(or Yesterday) I went out w/ my lovely Ladies Anna, Malva and Johanna to dance our butts off at my fav club called Tavastia. It's an indie kind of club where they play awesome music like Two Door Cinema Club and Florence and the Machine - untouched! It's not that basic tecno clubbing music and therefor everyone is dancing as they like. And the dresscode is quite casual.. I ♥ That club. It's a place where (for a change) guys don't come to dance behind you in that very annoying way..

Another funny thing about that club is that both my Mom and my grandma used to go there when they were young. So it runs in my vains!

Here's my outfit and Some Girls night out Pics:

Top // Only, Shoes // Seppälä, Leggings // GinaTricot, Clutch // Mango, "Blondie" Necklace // ASOS
PS. Notice the new nailpolish and ring from yesterdays post!

haha me...
Anyways, While in italy I totally fell in love with this brand called "Tally Weijl" and bought nearly everything from there. Well after returning to Finland I've really missed the store and decided to check if they have it in London. As it appeared, they don't. - But I'm going to have my Final year School Cruise to Estonia. And guess what I found out? There's Tally Weijl in Tallinn. and Today I talked my girls into a master plan: after a long night of partying at the cruise, we're gonna get our asses up early and head to Tally Weijl! ♥ ♥ ♥

Click the icon to go to their website

Here's some of my fav pieces:
When I get there atleast the blue watch is DEFINITELY coming home with me. I loooooove that watch ♥

Yep, tomorrow (or today..) we're going to have some sushi w/ my girls. Happy hangover-day for everyone!

X, T ♥


  1. thanks for being so sweet with your comment! LA is cool and all, but it isn't what it's hyped up to be. Not everyone is what it seems in pictures and it's not always glamourous. I've lived here all my life. But you should definitely visit and see how you like it for yourself!

  2. Hey Jenna, Thanks for answering! ♥ I will definitely come to L.A. one day, It's one of those places you kinda need to visit, atleast once..

    Love, T.