Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Future Dreams ♥

Hey ya!
Today I booked the venue for my graduation party! It'll be awesome! The venue is called 'Ravintola Katsomo' and it's located in the very centrum of Helsinki, right next to the Esplanadi Park.

The pictures I found of it are rather small but I hope u'll get the picture;

So there's this green wall with gold framed paintings, glass roof.... it's a mix of modern and classic design and deco. And the feel to the party area is very highclass. I it!

I also discussed there about the menu; We'll have greek- and chicken cecar salads, chiabatta-bread, a weird sauce thing that was too fancy for me to remember, little bread pastrys w/ salmon, coffee, sparkling wine and raspberry whitechocolate cheesecake...

So it's time to put the champagne in ice, 'cause I'm getting out of school with style! Also I had a talk w/ an old friend who works at this clothing store. I posed a lot of questions about working there and how to apply. If I get into the Fashion design university here in Finland, I'd love to work in a clothing store while studying.

Also, This morning my mom finally sold our appartment! That means I'm going to 1th move with her and then If I get accepted to study in Finland, I'll move to my own appartment here. If I don't get accepted, I'll send my applications abroad, and we'll see where it'll take me. I've been looking at appartments in Scotland... it would be Amazing. tho when I'll start making some money as fashion designer/stylist/fashion illustrator, I'll pack my bags (once more) and take this butt to London for good.

... Inspired by that, I paid a visit to this awesome store of interior design; Riviera Maison
I love their style. It's really relaxed, mut still has that expensive feel (and pricetags) to it. Also it has this Hamptons kind of romance and the feeling of french rusticness. Love Love Love!
I can't wait to et my hands on my own appartment.. I just have to wait for a little longer..

whoaah.. That was a lot of love there. Now I'm afraid I have to return to my swedish books, and keep studying for the final exams. But soon it'll be over and I'll be ready for my grande graduation party.. I already have a dress and shoes and a hairdo to go with my outfit, but I'm not gonna spoil that for u ;)

But I can show u some of today's outfit !
She's a squirrel! hahaa..
Green dot-lacedress // RiverIsland, babyblue bird necklace // New Look. Both from London

PS. I just saw the funniest commercial I've seen in a while! Don't mind if u don't get the finnish language in it, u'll still get the point :)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

More of London and Friday Night... ♥

As promised, I'll add the rest of the London pics, and then I'll show u some photographic material of my Friday Night Out...

Not saying I was acting like a real tourist or anything... but the pics do kinda tell another story. Well anyways, Yesterday after coming from my cheerpractise I got a call from Anna telling me to get ready for a bar night. And so I did...

We started from Juhani's place..
...with all the girls..
.. And boys (and AC Milan and Juventus..)
Then the going got wild...
 And here's were we ended up: Club Amarillo in Helsinki

Also I'm very much inlove with this dress..
..And I'm ordering it. I need some therapy for severe shopaholism.

But just look at it, I mean, How could one resist? ♥♥

Rare Sequin dress from Asos ♥♥

Friday, 24 February 2012

Happy girls are the Prettiest ♥

Tara is back!
WARNING: this post is longer than life itself..

I don't know where to start..
Well as I've told before, I had my 'school's out' - party and cruise to Tallinn, and after that I went to London for few days.

I've heard that pictures tell more than a thousand words, so here you go;

School's Out!
I was nominated as "Vuoden ulkonäkö" - the Looks of the year, 'cause I'm always so dressed up, no matter what... 
In the end we left the school with style.. or trucks. The trucks then made a long round in the center Helsinki, and we threw candy to the croud which was there to cheer for us! It was such an great feeling...

...was for partying

Partygirl and the mega over-size fakelashes haha..!

I also did some shopping in Tallinn. Unfortunately the Tally Weijl in Tallinn was kinda.... weird, and there weren't any watches or the leo shoes... or anything really. But I did find that fitted Leo hoodie and then I found a purse from Pull&Bear and a 'KISS' Shirt from Bershka. ♥♥

Well.... then I came home, and started packing (since I had less than 10 hours before my flight to London!)
Without stretching this post even longer, here's the pictures of..

..My Lndon

...Some of the billion pics..

and to finish this extremely long post, here's a sneak peek of what I bought from London:

hahaha... so in this unorganized pile are: 3 dresses, 2 t-shirts, 2 nailpolishes, River Island Wallet and Watch, Harrods card holder and a make-up purse, necklace and bandeau bra from New  look, Top Shop Blazer (I also bought a playsuit there, but it's not in the pic..), Office girl Sandals, magnets, keyrings, coffee mug, violet clutch from Miss Selfridge, rings, Benefit make-up...

I also made this, since it's a lot clearer, but I just couldn't find all of the pieces from POLYVORE..
London picks

I'd still have many things to tell, but I think this post is already a record breaker.. So, It's good night for now, but stay tooned, 'cause I'll be back with more

Kisses, Tara