Sunday, 26 February 2012

More of London and Friday Night... ♥

As promised, I'll add the rest of the London pics, and then I'll show u some photographic material of my Friday Night Out...

Not saying I was acting like a real tourist or anything... but the pics do kinda tell another story. Well anyways, Yesterday after coming from my cheerpractise I got a call from Anna telling me to get ready for a bar night. And so I did...

We started from Juhani's place..
...with all the girls..
.. And boys (and AC Milan and Juventus..)
Then the going got wild...
 And here's were we ended up: Club Amarillo in Helsinki

Also I'm very much inlove with this dress..
..And I'm ordering it. I need some therapy for severe shopaholism.

But just look at it, I mean, How could one resist? ♥♥

Rare Sequin dress from Asos ♥♥


  1. nice photos =) London is beautiful city!

  2. Great pics!:) The dress from Asos is so cute!:) xoxo

    1. Thankyou! and I just loooove the dress! ♥