Saturday, 11 February 2012

Oh what a Day..

Hello Lovelies!

Sry for not blogging in a few days; Didn't really want to take any pics due to the allergic reaction on my skin, which actually even took me to the hospital!

I've also done my A-levels in Finnish, returned to my cheerpractises after a long break and been in a job interview! If I'm lucky I'll get this SUPER AWESOME job which I'm really excited about! But i'm not going to speak too soon, so u'll hear more from that when I get a confirmation for it..

Also Last night I spent the night at my my bff's house, and me, her (sabrina) and Anna watched few ridiculously disgusting horror films, including the new edition of Halloween. SO SCARY. And Sabrina just slept thru the end and left me and Anna twisting in horror! haha..

Geez Tomorrow I'm going to the fleemarket to get rid of some old clothes to make space for my new clothes from england.... As they say; Out with the Old and in with the New! ♥♥

Anyways I also have some random pics: These pics I took on thursday before going to school..
Hoodie // Lindex, Trousers // Zara, Bag // Gucci, Bow ring // GinaTricot

hahaha check out the rash in my neck...!!

I've also created an obsession for white teeth and Louis Vuitton! So I went to the pharmacy and bought everything there was for a whiter smile and after 4 days now I feel like my teeth are a lot brighter! So I warmly recommend;

Yotuel whitening stick and gum

As said I've gone insane for LV I've visited their french website like 45 times in two days. Well a Girl's gotta have a hobby, right?
so, my massive shopping list just got a liiiittle longer with..
..LV Joey Wallet (I want it soooo bad..)

Le 'Coffret Merveilles PM' ♥♥ I need that on my night table. My homeless jewelleries need a home like this one..
PS. Pictures from

So I'm off to bed, since I need to get up around 6am. ffs... Anyways, if u're staying up late and seeking for some amusement I highly recommend visiting I love that blog, it's hilarious

off to bed!
Good night, huns!And remember...


  1. TARU! olet ihana! paljon toi hampaidenvalkasutikku makso? :D

  2. HENNA! kuin myös ♥ Tikku maksoi 15 e, ja voin sanoa että ainakin omalla kohdalla tuloksii näky jo 4 pvän jälkeeeeen !! ♥♥