Sunday, 30 January 2011

Shopping and dieting! ♥

Today I've done a lot of things! First I did some yoga - and 'ate' my breakfast (I'm on a very strict diet and well.. I had to drink a cup of black coffee for breakfast.- that was pure HELL... (I only drank half a cup, and I blended the coffee with water (I HATE COFFEE.)) Anyways - Then I went to my sisters house to meet my family ! ♥ Can u believe that I actually started crying, since I realised that I will miss those people SO MUCH when I'm in Italy.

... for a lunch I ate two boiled eggs and some cucumber. . . The diet sounds silly but It's supposed to be extremely effective.
From there I went to the center of Helsinki with my father - for some HC shopping for Italy and I did shop!! 

H&M (no, I did not get crazy there...) :
Set of earrings (18 pairs to be exact) 2,95e (!!)
Pins and ponytails!
Lip Gloss (Shade - English Rose) 
Bronzing Powder 6,95e
Hairband with cute seagull-print! 4,95e
YOU ARE MINE - notebook 1,95e!

From a bookstore called "Akateeminen Kirjakauppa" I bought some HC schoolstuff. 
My cute minilaptop and a satin case for it from ORDNING&REDA 
AND my dad bought me the Velour set I wished for. Global Sport by STOCKMANN

I also visited the pharmacy but I think that's too boring to be photographed.
Anyways - I need to go and do some exercises before heading to bed! YAY that was all for today!!

Love, TARA.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Balenciaga.......♥

...And I'll be there soon. ITALY, I'm coming!

I'm Incredibly tired, so let me make this quick - - - BLOG - PICTURES - SONG - LOUIS VUITTON - SPEEDY 30 WITH A STRAP - HANDBAG FOR ME (in the colour of sepia!)♥ - ITALY - FRIENDS - AWESOMENESS - 23 DAYS.

it's time to start a diet! tomorrow I got work-training-party and on Sunday it'll be SCHOOLWORK and off to jogging. oh, and I tricked my daddy to take me shopping la la la... Lucky me, Less lucky: His wallet..

 My shopping list is long, and I'll blog what I bought afterwards.

ANYWAYS - I gotta go to bed, Blog to you laters!
Pictures: Some of today's outfit and a sneak preview of MY PROM GOWN

Black'n'White - striped puff-sleeved basic shirt from H&M
Pink heart necklace in golden chain from Tokyo, JP
Pearl Earrings
Pink flower hair-clips H&M


...looks white!! ANYWAYS, it's really shear minty green, not white at... well, not much. And well these pics are horrible. BUT HERE IT FINALLY IS!
Voilà, c'est ca!

AND BTW. all of those little shiny svarowskicrystals are hand glued. BY ME.

And to get into the party mood for tomorrow...

PS: My daddy just bought me a minilaptop with a webcam for me to use while in italy.. but the thing is. . I have no Idea HOW TO DO THAT! that computer is DIFFICULT

BACIONE! (which means 'kiss' in Italian !)

Thursday, 27 January 2011


I've had an killer day - 1st in school from 8am to 4pm, and then at work from 5 till 8pm. and then I walked home, like 5 km. BUT yet I'm still here, writing this entry.SUPERGIRL. !!

Funny things have happened today. . Some of my friends were acting like jerks, I was teaching the prom dance to my entire yearclass and well... Went to pick up some pomegranade smoothies with Malva, and decided how I want to have my nails for the prom. I also got a massage - giftcard from my sister (she's an angel!♥)

ANYWAYS, the dance went WELL, and we had an awesome time both teaching and learning today. and in the end it looked kinda - well - something!  I'm really happy and proud! yayy!
ALSO I've made a list of what to pack to italy. . . I mean. It's only 24 days away. AND I'M PHAT. Like a whale... Well.. not for long, since I'm dieting before the prom. . . or just having a non-eating-strike .. whatever to fit into my dress(es) ! 

Here's some pics of my super-girl uniform of the day...

 Black basic spaghetti-strap top - H&M
 Heart - measuring tape necklace - ASOS
 Staple belt - Spirit Store 
 Powder Pink Lace skirt - H&M
 Black Knit - Espirit

-Nomination (I have 21 pieces in my double bracelet (2 x 17 pieces all and all)
-Snö - Grey pearl bracelet
-Grey Mountain crystal bracelet from Stockholm SWE
-and also a chain - silver pearl bracelet from sweden!

THEN the song of the day!  
A mixture of Techno and lullaby ! - Tiësto ft Priscilla Ahn - I am Strong (Goes with my SUPERGIRL - theme!)


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

You're The Apple Of My Eye♥

The Italians I've came to know via FB are incredible! I know that while in Italy I will miss my family, my friends and my hobbies... but these ppl are so amazing, that eventhough we haven't yet met eachother irl, I really feel I know them so well. They are the best!

25 days and I'll be off to Italy. . . and counting!

<---- I want those.
♥ - they're soft and charming - JUST LIKE ME ;)

I dedicate this T-shirt to my friend Em. We bought the same T in differend prints and colours.

And... THE SONGS OF THE DAY is 'Allo Darlin' - My Heart is a Drummer'♥

Kisses, T♥

Monday, 24 January 2011

B.A.C.K ! ♥

I just came back from a weekend trip with my school! we had an awesome time, living in a cottage with 8 other girls, partying, skiing... etc.

Me, Pinja & Anna

Malva and the sky

Rosa & Anna

Some pics from my trip with my lovely friends! I'm gonna miss these little dumbasses while in Italy. Atleast I've already talked to a few Italians and they seem SO NICE !!♥ Can't wait to meet them in person!!

Also, while in Italy I'm going to go to Sicily with my class! sounds awesome or awesome?

A little while ago I visit the LUMENE factory that has an outlet, and bought a pile of makeup. I also bought this really nice lipstick from the Natural Code - serie. The shade is nro 4, Satin Coral. And I'm telling all this, 'cause I feel that after I whitened my teeth, this lipstick looks so good. AND it's not too colourful, since i'm really pale skinned!

 LUMENE Natural Code - shade 4, Satin Coral

Other things I also bought from Lumene - BEAUTY BASE - matifying Primer and Eyeshadow Primer, Natural code - Mineral powder, Neutraliser Palette and a new consealer (not in the pic)
 I always have piles of stuff laying aroung everywhere, but this just looked so cool. My Nomination bracelet, Snö- and other bracelets, fakelashes, powderbrush and Versace - Bright Crystal Perfume! 

That's it!
Yours Truly, T.

BTW: The song of the day is definitely ELLIE GOULDING'S THE WRITER 

Monday, 17 January 2011


Quick blogging moment before Desperate Housewives hits the screen!♥♥

 First of all I just want to underline how glorious this day has been !♥ 

We had a great Cheerleading practise, and well, we did a lot harder stunts - and succeeded!
for example we did this stunt called the 'liberty' and we got it going pretty well with all the stunt groups - AWESOME !

Then I also found out that there's a Tiffany & co. store in FLORENCE (that's just next to the city where i'm gonna stay in Italy!) 
I also started a new diet today. I feel great! :) We'll see how tomorrow turns out to be like - I'll go to work and stuff. . And on the day after tomorrow I'm going to get my teeth professionally whitened!
Here are some of my cheerleading pictures! 

That was all for tonight, the TV invited me to join it's company.

Kisses, Tara.


It is, indeed 2am, AND I just finished 'renovating' my blog. I have to say I'm pretty pleased


Tomorrow I gotta get up early, so that kinda kills my blog-enthousiasm!
There's just these few gravings I need to share with u first !

I want-need-and-pray for a nude nailpolish. I mean I though that I had all the colour of the rainbow in my nailpolish shelf - and I do. BUT NUDE IS NOT A COLOUR OF THE RAINBOW. I was planning on painting my nails nude today.. untill I found out.. that my collection lacks the colour! 

 (PHOTO from Lovelyish - STYLECOURT)

what else... oh yeah! I also need a hoodie with a fakefur hood! u heard me! I just saw one at Tommy Hilfiger's and fell in love. And a few moments after that I ran into this at the Abercrombie and Fitch...:


Now I really gotta run (to bed, that is..)
See you later, Alligator(-leather handbags!) :D


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Morning.

Good afternoon lovelies !♥

It's sunday - and obviously a day of surprises!!  Mom had bought a new FUCKING HUGE tv, I got my shoes for the after prom party..... etc etc. I also went to a restaurant with my sis and my dad and had the most amazing chicken salad .. mmm♥

YEAH, so all and all it has been a nice day --- Soon I'll be off to my friend's brothers house to create the song for our 'own dance' for the prom. It'll be the best REMIX ever!

ANYWAYS - Here's the outfit of the day, AND my super glittery heels for the After party ♥♥ !! ( which I BTW ordered from NELLY.COM - lovelovelove!! )

PS: the song of the day by Priscilla Ahn ! 

 My outfit - Knitten vest - Zara, Headband - Accessorize, pink summer dress, leggings and scarf H&M, shoes Vagabond

Winter Holidays ♥

Hi pumpkins!
Since I was so extremely busy during the x-mashols, I'm gonna write about them right here, right now, with some pictures along.

A lot of nice things happened - Christmas, NYE, I met a lot of my friends which I haven't seen in a while, stressed my ass off about the Prom. etc.
But all and all I really enjoyed it and well - I finally got to sleep!  ♥♥

I'm gonna start my trip through the memorylane from the week before x-mas!

On the 22th of December I invited all my dearest friends to my house so that we could eat and exchange gifts. It was an awesome night! 
I got brilliant little presents from my friends (jewellery, tea (I ♥ tea!), facemasks, x-mas deco.... and so on!). I wanted to treat my guests well but not with the typical finnish x-mas dishes, so I made them filled paprikas (with onion creme cheese, chopped tomatoes and tuna inside), tuna and americana - pizza, white- and milkchocolate strawberries, whitechocolate pannacotta, and marshmallows to roast above a heating candles!

3 gelatine leaves ♥ 2 dl of Milk
♥ 3 dl of Double Cream
♥ 100 g of white chocolate
♥ 2 tablespoons of fine sugar

Put the gelatine leaves to icy water for about 5 minutes. Boil the Milk and the cream in a kettle (add vanilla for flavour if u like). Now add the sugar and the chocolate (in pieces) to the kettle. Press the water off the gelatine and dissolve it to the mix.
Then just pour the mixture for example into champagne glasses (classy!) and put them into the fridge to cool for ATLEAST 3 hours!!!
Hint: u can sprinckle some gingerbread crush on top of them to add some x-mas feel ! (and it tastes heavenly!)

Also my friends brought some foods, like candy and drinks and.. well, Pinja and Malva made these amazingly adorable cupcakes!!!♥

  SO CUTE !!!


We spent christmas with my family at our house, like always. And Mom made the same traditional foods as always. And I woke up at 11am to see the Snowman from the TV - as always.

I collect christmas decorations (they have to be white and elegant - usually made out of glass or crystal) so the decorations were for me to take care of. AND I DID.

What I got for X-mas:
5 books:  Lonely Planet: Italia, Lovely cupcakes - cookbook, Sinuhe Egyptien - in italian (geez, thanks dad?), VINTAGE SHOES and VINTAGE HANDBAGS♥
Money, Jewellery, Nikon coolpix (it's red and it's hot and the package said 'I AM ATTRACTIVE' - so my camera !!)

ALSO: daddy bought me a minilaptop to Italy and I also got new Nomination pieces! The new ROYAL COLLECTION is amazing.



On the New Years Eve Me and my friends went to a few parties and I think we had a blast!
♥ over all it was quite an successfull night

 1. My outfit for the new yrs eve (btw notice the new camera!) Powdery pink dress and golden bracelet with diamonds both by H&M, the clutch bad by Spirit, and the chandelier earrings are from Stockholm, Sweden !♥

2. We girls! Pinja, Me, Sabrina, Malva and Johanna!♥♥

3'n'4. The year changed!!! Pop the bottle of sparkling for 2011!

when the holidays were reaching it's end, we head to our ski cottage in the Tahko-Mountain (Middle Finland) for a ski trip! I Had my friend Minni with me and we had so much fun! it was awesome - we swam, skied, crosscountry skied  etc. It was a refreaching long weekend in the middle of the huge snowpiles!
Omg I look like a little frog in that snowboarding outfit.

I guess that was pretty much all.. all for now! U'll hear about me laters! ♥


Saturday, 15 January 2011

♥ 2011 !! ♥

Are you ready 2011, 'cause HERE I COME! My prom is coming REALLY REALLY SOON and oh the amount of stress! I also got a new job and I'm working there pretty much every single day (when I am not at my cheerleading practise or at school) So, I'm a busy little business girl, but I won't forget about my blog! no way - I've felt so quilty for not blogging in a while!

But well, If u notice a probleme - u gotta FIX IT!

One more thing I'm going to write and then it's gonna be all pictures and fashion stuff - SO I'LL BE OFF TO ITALY (for 4 months as told before) IN A MONTH AND A WEEK!!

OKAY, that's that and now to business..

I wore a knitten hooded vest with a fake fur - interior (in the colour of Beige) by ZARA, H&M's skinny waist belt (black'n'shiny!), a ruffle 'dress'/shirt I found from Malta last summer, black leggings from GinaTricot, heels by Vagabond and pearl earrings, my Nomination-bracelets, a diamond ring (fake one, i'm afraid..) and a petite across-the-body purse by Spirit (Spiritstore)


Here u go - ur daily doze of Tara!♥

The Song of the day

And into the end of this post I want to put a few practical tips:
A - if u're a girl, telling a story to ur father, don't you ever start that story with an: "OMG U'll never believe what my amazingly attractive math teacher did at school today!" (TESTED - does not work..)
aand B - If u got an awesomely shaped faces (which I don't...) u can try this INCREADIBLE FIRST-DATE-MAKE-UP: I FELL in

Yours sincerely and faithfully - Tara