Monday, 17 January 2011


It is, indeed 2am, AND I just finished 'renovating' my blog. I have to say I'm pretty pleased


Tomorrow I gotta get up early, so that kinda kills my blog-enthousiasm!
There's just these few gravings I need to share with u first !

I want-need-and-pray for a nude nailpolish. I mean I though that I had all the colour of the rainbow in my nailpolish shelf - and I do. BUT NUDE IS NOT A COLOUR OF THE RAINBOW. I was planning on painting my nails nude today.. untill I found out.. that my collection lacks the colour! 

 (PHOTO from Lovelyish - STYLECOURT)

what else... oh yeah! I also need a hoodie with a fakefur hood! u heard me! I just saw one at Tommy Hilfiger's and fell in love. And a few moments after that I ran into this at the Abercrombie and Fitch...:


Now I really gotta run (to bed, that is..)
See you later, Alligator(-leather handbags!) :D


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