Thursday, 27 January 2011


I've had an killer day - 1st in school from 8am to 4pm, and then at work from 5 till 8pm. and then I walked home, like 5 km. BUT yet I'm still here, writing this entry.SUPERGIRL. !!

Funny things have happened today. . Some of my friends were acting like jerks, I was teaching the prom dance to my entire yearclass and well... Went to pick up some pomegranade smoothies with Malva, and decided how I want to have my nails for the prom. I also got a massage - giftcard from my sister (she's an angel!♥)

ANYWAYS, the dance went WELL, and we had an awesome time both teaching and learning today. and in the end it looked kinda - well - something!  I'm really happy and proud! yayy!
ALSO I've made a list of what to pack to italy. . . I mean. It's only 24 days away. AND I'M PHAT. Like a whale... Well.. not for long, since I'm dieting before the prom. . . or just having a non-eating-strike .. whatever to fit into my dress(es) ! 

Here's some pics of my super-girl uniform of the day...

 Black basic spaghetti-strap top - H&M
 Heart - measuring tape necklace - ASOS
 Staple belt - Spirit Store 
 Powder Pink Lace skirt - H&M
 Black Knit - Espirit

-Nomination (I have 21 pieces in my double bracelet (2 x 17 pieces all and all)
-Snö - Grey pearl bracelet
-Grey Mountain crystal bracelet from Stockholm SWE
-and also a chain - silver pearl bracelet from sweden!

THEN the song of the day!  
A mixture of Techno and lullaby ! - Tiësto ft Priscilla Ahn - I am Strong (Goes with my SUPERGIRL - theme!)


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