Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Morning.

Good afternoon lovelies !♥

It's sunday - and obviously a day of surprises!!  Mom had bought a new FUCKING HUGE tv, I got my shoes for the after prom party..... etc etc. I also went to a restaurant with my sis and my dad and had the most amazing chicken salad .. mmm♥

YEAH, so all and all it has been a nice day --- Soon I'll be off to my friend's brothers house to create the song for our 'own dance' for the prom. It'll be the best REMIX ever!

ANYWAYS - Here's the outfit of the day, AND my super glittery heels for the After party ♥♥ !! ( which I BTW ordered from NELLY.COM - lovelovelove!! )

PS: the song of the day by Priscilla Ahn ! 

 My outfit - Knitten vest - Zara, Headband - Accessorize, pink summer dress, leggings and scarf H&M, shoes Vagabond

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