Monday, 24 January 2011

B.A.C.K ! ♥

I just came back from a weekend trip with my school! we had an awesome time, living in a cottage with 8 other girls, partying, skiing... etc.

Me, Pinja & Anna

Malva and the sky

Rosa & Anna

Some pics from my trip with my lovely friends! I'm gonna miss these little dumbasses while in Italy. Atleast I've already talked to a few Italians and they seem SO NICE !!♥ Can't wait to meet them in person!!

Also, while in Italy I'm going to go to Sicily with my class! sounds awesome or awesome?

A little while ago I visit the LUMENE factory that has an outlet, and bought a pile of makeup. I also bought this really nice lipstick from the Natural Code - serie. The shade is nro 4, Satin Coral. And I'm telling all this, 'cause I feel that after I whitened my teeth, this lipstick looks so good. AND it's not too colourful, since i'm really pale skinned!

 LUMENE Natural Code - shade 4, Satin Coral

Other things I also bought from Lumene - BEAUTY BASE - matifying Primer and Eyeshadow Primer, Natural code - Mineral powder, Neutraliser Palette and a new consealer (not in the pic)
 I always have piles of stuff laying aroung everywhere, but this just looked so cool. My Nomination bracelet, Snö- and other bracelets, fakelashes, powderbrush and Versace - Bright Crystal Perfume! 

That's it!
Yours Truly, T.

BTW: The song of the day is definitely ELLIE GOULDING'S THE WRITER 

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