Saturday, 15 January 2011

♥ 2011 !! ♥

Are you ready 2011, 'cause HERE I COME! My prom is coming REALLY REALLY SOON and oh the amount of stress! I also got a new job and I'm working there pretty much every single day (when I am not at my cheerleading practise or at school) So, I'm a busy little business girl, but I won't forget about my blog! no way - I've felt so quilty for not blogging in a while!

But well, If u notice a probleme - u gotta FIX IT!

One more thing I'm going to write and then it's gonna be all pictures and fashion stuff - SO I'LL BE OFF TO ITALY (for 4 months as told before) IN A MONTH AND A WEEK!!

OKAY, that's that and now to business..

I wore a knitten hooded vest with a fake fur - interior (in the colour of Beige) by ZARA, H&M's skinny waist belt (black'n'shiny!), a ruffle 'dress'/shirt I found from Malta last summer, black leggings from GinaTricot, heels by Vagabond and pearl earrings, my Nomination-bracelets, a diamond ring (fake one, i'm afraid..) and a petite across-the-body purse by Spirit (Spiritstore)


Here u go - ur daily doze of Tara!♥

The Song of the day

And into the end of this post I want to put a few practical tips:
A - if u're a girl, telling a story to ur father, don't you ever start that story with an: "OMG U'll never believe what my amazingly attractive math teacher did at school today!" (TESTED - does not work..)
aand B - If u got an awesomely shaped faces (which I don't...) u can try this INCREADIBLE FIRST-DATE-MAKE-UP: I FELL in

Yours sincerely and faithfully - Tara

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