Tuesday, 20 March 2012

There's Hope For The Hopeless ♥

Exams, Exams and More Exams. This Matriculation Examination is killing me!

...Okey only 2/6 Left. So far so good, I've done Italian, Finnish, English and Swedish (which was yesterday) and tomorrow I'll have history and on the following monday I'll do French. And then it'll be officially over for good!
For that on, It'll GTL - Gym, Tan, Laundry !

Today I've been studying at the library w/ my boys Juhani and Alberto. It is so easy to hang out w/ guys, 'cause there's no drama. Tho ofc my girls mean the world to me.

...AND my order from Forever21 arrived aaah! My new favourite pieces!
Grey rhinestone jumper & Pink HOPE - rhinestone top..
..2-in-1 Heartrings & Rhinestone heart and Bambi necklaces..

...& a light grey sequin partytop // all Forever21

I will never take that 'HOPE' - top off. I loove it so much
Kisses, Tara.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Prints and Pretty things

Aloha! ♥
Haha Yesterday I had my first ever doubledate! And well.. I only have 1 picture of that night. So u can imagine how it went;
Probably the weirdest date I've ever had. But the whole doubledating thing is actually a lot easier than just meeting a guy 1 on 1. 'cause there's 4 ppl to keep the conversation alive. It was quite fun...

...But I just realised sometime ago what I want. I don't need loads of male attention or flings. I'm a girlfriend kinda girl. Videogames, stupid inside jokes and most of all Love. I'm done with games.
... wow that was deep!

Anyways, Today I was cleaning my closet and I realised that it has been taken over by  Printed Tees. I love tops and T's with funny texts And I decided to show you my favourite prints out of my closet. Inspired by that I also gave my nails a cute text!

Bises = "Kisses" in French

My Mom also got me these roses today;
They're So Pink

Oww otherwise I've just been studying the whole day, so nothing cool to tell you.. Here's a few evidental pictures (as an evidence to my existance - Still alive!) Yep. Oh and the 'Boston College' Large T-shirt (...dress) Is from Victorias Secret ♥

Hope You Had a Lovely Day Too

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The "Fairwell Winter" Treatment for Hair, Skin and Feet! ♥

In the Wintertime you get pale and your skin goes really dry. It's like someone would've squeezed all the colour from you. Especially if you live in a cold place! (so you from Brasil can stop reading here haha!)

Today I've made myself this treatment that prepares you for the summer - Physically and Mentally. Afterwards you will feel SO GOOD!

The whole thing will take about an hour, and I'll instuck you step by step.
The coldness of the winter makes your skin dry - this includes your scalp. It's easy to give your hair it's natural glow back:
1th generously apply normal bodylotion (choose a gentle one without fragrances) to you scalp and virgin Oliveoil to the ends of ur hair. This should leave your hair looking the dirtiest it has ever been, but it works miracles. Let this "hairmask" be for like 10-30 minutes, and then wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. You should also leave the conditioner in for like 5-10 minutes.
After the shower your hair feels really soft. Now you should apply a heat protection and blow dry your hair. The heat of the blowdryer will actually activate the growth of your hair, and as long as you're wearing the heat protection it won't harm the hair.
After the blowdryer I personally use the staightener. So before using it, you shold reapply the heat protection OR a hair serum as I do.
Ps. if you're aiming to grow your hair longer, massaging the scalp will help too 'cause it activates the bloodcirculation.

Like you applied the oliveoil into your hair, you should also apply it to the dryest spots of your skin (face, hands, elbows..) and leave it to absorb.
Then when you're showering and washing off the stuff from your hair and skin, you should gently peel the skin. This will remove the dead skincells, which will also remove the greyish colour winter often brings.
After the shower remember to put on the bodylotion. To boost up the summer look I apply Dove's Summer Glow. It gives a naturel sunkissed look and hydrates! Win-Win!

Girls always talk about needing a pedicure before the summer, 'cause you can't possibly wear sandals with the ugly winter toes. Well, you can do the pedicure yourself and save your money!
So, to start off you should use the footfile while in the shower. Thisway the skin is soft and easy to file.
When you've gotten off the shower apply lotion and take a soft magic buffer to file the nails and the skin around them. Use also the smoothening side of the file on the top of the nail.
Then remove the cuticles (!!) and apply generously a very thick healing balsam. I use this stuff called bepanthen which is meant for small cuts, scrathes and rashes.
Leave the balsam to absorb while you for example are blow drying ur hair.

To polish up - Add a cute, colourful nailpolish on your toenails avoiding the dark and gloomy colours.
Yay my summer feet haha! Nailpolish // Depend, Sandals // Office Girl
other pictures; Weheartit.com

If you're doing similar treatments in a Girl's Night In, you can throw in some homemade masks and manicures. ♥♥


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Happy birthday, Mom ♥

Today's my moms Birthday, and she turned (ummm..?) 54? ... Probably. Gosh I'm bad at these things.

Anyways! As a gift I gave her these three 30x30cm paintings made entirely by me...

I don't know what happened to the quality of the photos..

Also eventho today's Wednesday I've been asked to go to a bar already 2 times! What the hell is wrong with these ppl? haha!
I guess we're now booking flight to Malta for August. Not sure with who, when and why (..like I would need a reason to go to Malta) but definitely going. Also booking flights to Paris for next Christmas I'm going there alone with S (my bestfriend).

I've been searching for a cute cellphone case for my Nokia N8, but apparently I should have an Iphone..

...LVE !
If anyone knows where I could buy/order a cute (with a capital C) phone case (for N8), let me know!

Kisses Tara

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Party girls never rest.

My apologies for such a long pause in blogging!
I had an awesome weekend with my friend Emmi. We had a girls night out with sushi and clubbing, and I met this guy (let's call him 'A'.) I was supposed to meet him today over a coffee.. But I kinda didn't go. I don't know why.. He just wasn't the one, you know the feeling? I'm not gonna waste time on guys that I know I could never fall for. Simple.

Here are some pics of the weekend. The sushi was from a supermarket and tbh it tasted really odd! It tasted like red meat. And I'm a semi-vegetarian haha!

Then the girls got ready... (btw sry for accidentally showing so much skin in that sushi pic.. oops.)

MY gosh! I look so bitchy!

I also had these super party nails;
...Inspired by these;
..& My favourite partysong at the moment is definitely Flo Rida and SIA's Wild Ones. ♥♥

Hopefully they'll play this at the Zumba! I'm off to the gym! Ciao! ♥ xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Flower Girl.

My day started with a byjama-breakfast study session with my sister. I'm studying for the finals and she's doing a project for her studies with journalism. She lives in Lapland, North-Finland (near the arctic circle..!) and when she comes home for a visit, we spend a lot of time together: Like last night, when we spent like 6 hours playing monopoly (yes, we're 18 and 22..) and I won!!
1-0 to little sisters!

Then we went to visit our granparents.
Here's what I wore today..
Lace top // Ginatricot (I had a H&M basic white top underneath it..) rose skirt // H&M

The sun was shining again today!
I guess spring is finally on it's way!
Pics // weheartit.com


Monday, 5 March 2012

Sun is Up.

Hey everyone

Today I've had an amazin day: The sun was shining all thru the day!

1st I went to my school to see my results for this really big exam: I did great, one of the best ones in my school!

2nd I went to the center on bought 2 tops, headband, earring, The Garnier BB-cream......

3rd I walked home (6.5 km) and then I went for a walk AGAIN w/ my friend Emmi just to catch up

4th The Desperate Housewifes is back on TV ♥♥♥

So all and all an excellent day!

Loving the SUN
Trying on a top @ Ginatricot
Both tops // Ginatricot
cross earring, Garnier BB-cream and Braid hairband from accessorize
The chain earring // GinaTricot