Thursday, 15 March 2012

The "Fairwell Winter" Treatment for Hair, Skin and Feet! ♥

In the Wintertime you get pale and your skin goes really dry. It's like someone would've squeezed all the colour from you. Especially if you live in a cold place! (so you from Brasil can stop reading here haha!)

Today I've made myself this treatment that prepares you for the summer - Physically and Mentally. Afterwards you will feel SO GOOD!

The whole thing will take about an hour, and I'll instuck you step by step.
The coldness of the winter makes your skin dry - this includes your scalp. It's easy to give your hair it's natural glow back:
1th generously apply normal bodylotion (choose a gentle one without fragrances) to you scalp and virgin Oliveoil to the ends of ur hair. This should leave your hair looking the dirtiest it has ever been, but it works miracles. Let this "hairmask" be for like 10-30 minutes, and then wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. You should also leave the conditioner in for like 5-10 minutes.
After the shower your hair feels really soft. Now you should apply a heat protection and blow dry your hair. The heat of the blowdryer will actually activate the growth of your hair, and as long as you're wearing the heat protection it won't harm the hair.
After the blowdryer I personally use the staightener. So before using it, you shold reapply the heat protection OR a hair serum as I do.
Ps. if you're aiming to grow your hair longer, massaging the scalp will help too 'cause it activates the bloodcirculation.

Like you applied the oliveoil into your hair, you should also apply it to the dryest spots of your skin (face, hands, elbows..) and leave it to absorb.
Then when you're showering and washing off the stuff from your hair and skin, you should gently peel the skin. This will remove the dead skincells, which will also remove the greyish colour winter often brings.
After the shower remember to put on the bodylotion. To boost up the summer look I apply Dove's Summer Glow. It gives a naturel sunkissed look and hydrates! Win-Win!

Girls always talk about needing a pedicure before the summer, 'cause you can't possibly wear sandals with the ugly winter toes. Well, you can do the pedicure yourself and save your money!
So, to start off you should use the footfile while in the shower. Thisway the skin is soft and easy to file.
When you've gotten off the shower apply lotion and take a soft magic buffer to file the nails and the skin around them. Use also the smoothening side of the file on the top of the nail.
Then remove the cuticles (!!) and apply generously a very thick healing balsam. I use this stuff called bepanthen which is meant for small cuts, scrathes and rashes.
Leave the balsam to absorb while you for example are blow drying ur hair.

To polish up - Add a cute, colourful nailpolish on your toenails avoiding the dark and gloomy colours.
Yay my summer feet haha! Nailpolish // Depend, Sandals // Office Girl
other pictures;

If you're doing similar treatments in a Girl's Night In, you can throw in some homemade masks and manicures. ♥♥



  1. Oh! Must feel great after that!

    Does it hurt when you remove the cuticles?

    1. haha ofcourse not! :) Just make sure they're soft enough to be removed :)