Monday, 5 March 2012

Sun is Up.

Hey everyone

Today I've had an amazin day: The sun was shining all thru the day!

1st I went to my school to see my results for this really big exam: I did great, one of the best ones in my school!

2nd I went to the center on bought 2 tops, headband, earring, The Garnier BB-cream......

3rd I walked home (6.5 km) and then I went for a walk AGAIN w/ my friend Emmi just to catch up

4th The Desperate Housewifes is back on TV ♥♥♥

So all and all an excellent day!

Loving the SUN
Trying on a top @ Ginatricot
Both tops // Ginatricot
cross earring, Garnier BB-cream and Braid hairband from accessorize
The chain earring // GinaTricot


  1. Love the earring!!
    Congratulation for your school result!!

    1. Yeah I love love love it too! ♥

      And thankyou so much, I was really surprised to do so well! :)


  2. Ooh love love :> that lace top is adorable, and great earring. I feel so bad I used to have one when I was like.. 10 ? Never used it, then sold it at fleamarket, and haha now they're in fashion.. Poor me ;)

    Thank you honey for the lovely comment ♥
    I'm replying in english now, it feels natural when the blog post is written in that aswell. :> But someday I might use finnish ! :D

    Have a great, sunny day !

    - Indie by Heart

    1. haha ! We're making a great mashup of finnish and english. Never mind, thankyou for ur sweet comment! ♥♥

      and I'm always glad to visit ur lovely blog!

      u too! xoxo ♥

  3. ahah and you have such gorgeous hair, glad you can understand me!!:D Btw, great photos dear, I love the earrings, it is really so cool!:) Nice tops too!:) Big Kisses!:) xoxo

    1. aww thankyou sweetheart ♥
      Big kisses back at u!! xx