Saturday, 31 December 2011

Highlights ♥

Yesterday S came over to do my hair for the NYE.
My hair is actually always been really blonde, but every (fucking..) winter it turns nearly brown! It's so annoying.

Here's my hair last summer.

...And like this it was just few weeks ago:

So I called S (my bestfriend/personal hairdresser) for help and she did my super awesome highlights. I love them!

You will see the outcome later, since now I'm off to buy me some fake lashes for the NYE from Make-up Store.

 XX, T


Alright, so basicly I was supposed to blog about this yesterday, but I didn't have time, since I was too busy having awesome bestfriends-time with S.

So on the day before yesterday I was babysitting my nephew, 1,5 years. He's in the age where you learn to eat by yourself.... and I gave him ketchup.

Here's the outcome:

Why the boxes? Well after he went to bed, I helped my sister and her husband to move. They just bought this lovely big house!

(our haircolours match.. for now!) 

I love my sisters so much (I have two of them. and a brother. I love him too tho.) My other sister just left with my brother to go on a skiing trip to Tahko-mountain. We all snowboard in my family! So my sister went there and left her hoodie here.. and I love that hoodie..

Purple Peak Performance hoodie from my sisters closet.. (I'm so dead)

Thursday, 29 December 2011


I've been struggling with approving myself for a long time. I've always thought that 'yh I'm prettyISH. kinda.' But never have I seen myself gorgeous. 

I've basicly been through it all: Eating disorders, low self-esteem.. I think that in our society you can't consider urself beautiful, unless you're a moviestar. But has someone said that fame makes u perfect? Nope. And it doesn't. It's such a shame that there are SO many pretty girls letting life pass them by, because they don't see the reality. I have so many extremely beautiful friends and I hope they know it. ♥

Btw. a little tip for some girls: Being half naked doesn't make you beautiful. Confidence does. Whatever you're wearing, even if u're in your wellies and an awesomely gorgeous girl in her heels passes u by, you should just rock those wellies. Maybe today was her day, when she felt awesome and let it show, but we all have those days. And maybe tomorrow it's your turn to turn heads! (and at least ur toes will be dry!)

Today I was really positively surprised, when I was having a video call with a dear guy-friend on Skype and I was in my PJ's with not much makeup and all, doing 'The Duckface' for no reason.. and He actually told me I looked hot. AND that I've grown from a girl into a woman (we haven't seen each other in 1,5 yrs (but my boobs haven't grown..)) and as I got surprised he said carelessly "don't worry, it's definitely a good thing." The thing that really makes me happy is that this boy would've honestly told it to my face, if I would've looked like crap. We can talk about anything. We even have this thing that we link each other pictures of hot people and tell our honest opinions.

His comment on My Personal Icon and "OH WHY DON'T I LOOK LIKE HER?"  -
Erin Heatherton?


..."I'm actually not that impressed"

Well I guess the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But until my confidence is strong enough to have me standing my head up high, I will still be my own winy 'fat in these pants/that dress' too pale little whale- self and look up to gorgeous models like Erin.

PS: confident doesn't mean cocky! So get ur head off ur ass! My dad always says: "if ur okay with urself, you should be okay with other people too!"

Love, (still dreaming of a nose surgery tho...) T xx

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


When I have a vacation from school like now, I turn into a lazy little pillow-hugging-tea-sipping-byjamabanana.
Well atleast my near ones are keeping me busy: Yesterday I was shopping with S, and tomorrow I'm going to Turku (a beatiful city 1h away from Helsinki) with my Dad. Also The NYE looks quite planned with V.I.P tickets to this awesome party!

On Thurday S is going to colour some highlights into my hair (blonde ofc) and we're going to make eachother new earpiercings (I want a third earring, since I have SO many small/pairless earrings..)

My diet is going quite well.. for tree days I've only eaten fruit! And I'm planning to keep this up till new years eve (I have an awesome dress for the party!) and after that I'm going back to my carbo-free diet and the January itself is going to be totally Meatfree!

I've also started to study for the final exams... and I've spent so many hours listening to swedish/reading history my mind is gonna blow up any minute now. Still, hard work will be notified and hopefully I'll be passing with good/great/excellent grades! :)

on the computer..
Hanging around in my PJ's

Still I do get SOMETHING done. for example downloading songs to my new (hand crystalized) Nokia C-03 cell!

and the songs would be something like This..

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Shopping (once again...)

It's the most sugariest time of the year AGAIN. And after two days of eating like never before I desided: I, Tara, will promise not to eat ANY treats before my gratuation. which is on the 2.6.2012!
 after that I really picked myself up.. Yesterday I ran 4 km and only ate an apple, and today I walked for like 4-5 h (shopping..) and ate a banana and an apple.. :) I still need to do some hardcore stretching, since I have a cheerleading tryouts for a better squat on the 9th of january.. I gotta really work my ass off to get in.. :/

(my shopping outfit: Jacket H&M, Stockings Pieces, Bag Armani Jeans, Boots Seppälä)

Today the stores finally opened in Helsinki and we hit the centrum with my bestfriend S.

I bought a cute star-pattern see-through dress-top-tunika THING from ONLY. Then because it was a seethrough, I needed to buy a black bandeau bra (from MONKI) to go with it... and a new bellyring (from cypershop) ;)

and then ofcourse I bought some makeup from Makeup Store (lip pencil called 'Cherie' which I already had before, but lost---) and a small water green (extremely finnish) vase 'Mariskooli' from Iittala.