Saturday, 31 December 2011


Alright, so basicly I was supposed to blog about this yesterday, but I didn't have time, since I was too busy having awesome bestfriends-time with S.

So on the day before yesterday I was babysitting my nephew, 1,5 years. He's in the age where you learn to eat by yourself.... and I gave him ketchup.

Here's the outcome:

Why the boxes? Well after he went to bed, I helped my sister and her husband to move. They just bought this lovely big house!

(our haircolours match.. for now!) 

I love my sisters so much (I have two of them. and a brother. I love him too tho.) My other sister just left with my brother to go on a skiing trip to Tahko-mountain. We all snowboard in my family! So my sister went there and left her hoodie here.. and I love that hoodie..

Purple Peak Performance hoodie from my sisters closet.. (I'm so dead)


  1. Theres a typ-o on the color of the hoodie. And yes, your dead!


    1. hee-hee!

      missing u! xx

      ps. I fixed the typo!