Wednesday, 28 December 2011


When I have a vacation from school like now, I turn into a lazy little pillow-hugging-tea-sipping-byjamabanana.
Well atleast my near ones are keeping me busy: Yesterday I was shopping with S, and tomorrow I'm going to Turku (a beatiful city 1h away from Helsinki) with my Dad. Also The NYE looks quite planned with V.I.P tickets to this awesome party!

On Thurday S is going to colour some highlights into my hair (blonde ofc) and we're going to make eachother new earpiercings (I want a third earring, since I have SO many small/pairless earrings..)

My diet is going quite well.. for tree days I've only eaten fruit! And I'm planning to keep this up till new years eve (I have an awesome dress for the party!) and after that I'm going back to my carbo-free diet and the January itself is going to be totally Meatfree!

I've also started to study for the final exams... and I've spent so many hours listening to swedish/reading history my mind is gonna blow up any minute now. Still, hard work will be notified and hopefully I'll be passing with good/great/excellent grades! :)

on the computer..
Hanging around in my PJ's

Still I do get SOMETHING done. for example downloading songs to my new (hand crystalized) Nokia C-03 cell!

and the songs would be something like This..

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