Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Shopping (once again...)

It's the most sugariest time of the year AGAIN. And after two days of eating like never before I desided: I, Tara, will promise not to eat ANY treats before my gratuation. which is on the 2.6.2012!
 after that I really picked myself up.. Yesterday I ran 4 km and only ate an apple, and today I walked for like 4-5 h (shopping..) and ate a banana and an apple.. :) I still need to do some hardcore stretching, since I have a cheerleading tryouts for a better squat on the 9th of january.. I gotta really work my ass off to get in.. :/

(my shopping outfit: Jacket H&M, Stockings Pieces, Bag Armani Jeans, Boots Seppälä)

Today the stores finally opened in Helsinki and we hit the centrum with my bestfriend S.

I bought a cute star-pattern see-through dress-top-tunika THING from ONLY. Then because it was a seethrough, I needed to buy a black bandeau bra (from MONKI) to go with it... and a new bellyring (from cypershop) ;)

and then ofcourse I bought some makeup from Makeup Store (lip pencil called 'Cherie' which I already had before, but lost---) and a small water green (extremely finnish) vase 'Mariskooli' from Iittala.

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