Saturday, 17 March 2012

Prints and Pretty things

Aloha! ♥
Haha Yesterday I had my first ever doubledate! And well.. I only have 1 picture of that night. So u can imagine how it went;
Probably the weirdest date I've ever had. But the whole doubledating thing is actually a lot easier than just meeting a guy 1 on 1. 'cause there's 4 ppl to keep the conversation alive. It was quite fun...

...But I just realised sometime ago what I want. I don't need loads of male attention or flings. I'm a girlfriend kinda girl. Videogames, stupid inside jokes and most of all Love. I'm done with games.
... wow that was deep!

Anyways, Today I was cleaning my closet and I realised that it has been taken over by  Printed Tees. I love tops and T's with funny texts And I decided to show you my favourite prints out of my closet. Inspired by that I also gave my nails a cute text!

Bises = "Kisses" in French

My Mom also got me these roses today;
They're So Pink

Oww otherwise I've just been studying the whole day, so nothing cool to tell you.. Here's a few evidental pictures (as an evidence to my existance - Still alive!) Yep. Oh and the 'Boston College' Large T-shirt (...dress) Is from Victorias Secret ♥

Hope You Had a Lovely Day Too


  1. Bad girls go to London! That is one awesome T-shirt :)