Wednesday, 26 January 2011

You're The Apple Of My Eye♥

The Italians I've came to know via FB are incredible! I know that while in Italy I will miss my family, my friends and my hobbies... but these ppl are so amazing, that eventhough we haven't yet met eachother irl, I really feel I know them so well. They are the best!

25 days and I'll be off to Italy. . . and counting!

<---- I want those.
♥ - they're soft and charming - JUST LIKE ME ;)

I dedicate this T-shirt to my friend Em. We bought the same T in differend prints and colours.

And... THE SONGS OF THE DAY is 'Allo Darlin' - My Heart is a Drummer'♥

Kisses, T♥

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  1. BTW this is not really the outfit of the day - these pics were taken when I bought that shirt - a few weeks ago (see, I haven't yet whitened my teeth!) <3 they just fitted my mood perfectly.