Sunday, 30 January 2011

Shopping and dieting! ♥

Today I've done a lot of things! First I did some yoga - and 'ate' my breakfast (I'm on a very strict diet and well.. I had to drink a cup of black coffee for breakfast.- that was pure HELL... (I only drank half a cup, and I blended the coffee with water (I HATE COFFEE.)) Anyways - Then I went to my sisters house to meet my family ! ♥ Can u believe that I actually started crying, since I realised that I will miss those people SO MUCH when I'm in Italy.

... for a lunch I ate two boiled eggs and some cucumber. . . The diet sounds silly but It's supposed to be extremely effective.
From there I went to the center of Helsinki with my father - for some HC shopping for Italy and I did shop!! 

H&M (no, I did not get crazy there...) :
Set of earrings (18 pairs to be exact) 2,95e (!!)
Pins and ponytails!
Lip Gloss (Shade - English Rose) 
Bronzing Powder 6,95e
Hairband with cute seagull-print! 4,95e
YOU ARE MINE - notebook 1,95e!

From a bookstore called "Akateeminen Kirjakauppa" I bought some HC schoolstuff. 
My cute minilaptop and a satin case for it from ORDNING&REDA 
AND my dad bought me the Velour set I wished for. Global Sport by STOCKMANN

I also visited the pharmacy but I think that's too boring to be photographed.
Anyways - I need to go and do some exercises before heading to bed! YAY that was all for today!!

Love, TARA.

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