Saturday, 4 February 2012

Give It To Me. ♥

I am hopelessly addicted to Fashiolista.. ♥

I see it, I ♥ it... I WANT IT!! I need some serious money to feed my shopping hunger.

Alright, only few weeks and I'll go to England. I just have to bare for a little longer. It Is Killing Me...

What's also killing me is this list of the 100 best stores in London. Do check it out - If u're willing to torture urself. I'f you're in London atm then fuck u, u lucky bastard. ♥ No, just kidding, you're a reader (or atleast I hope so) So i'm only very very happy for u! (but you're still a lucky bastard :D !) Anyways, the List is Here! ♥

riiight.. what else? Well, I'm afraid that I've gone all crazy about sequin tops and leo print..
LOVE sweater // River Island
Leo print wedges // Tally Weijl

 I know the wedges are awfully bold and.. yeah. Do you think they're too much? Do comment ! ♥

Well, I'll be off to study some History (believe it or not, I ♥ History!)
Hopefully I'll get better so I can go out soon: I bet u'd love to read about something else than me hanging indoors all day every day..

Hugs'n'Kisses, Tara ♥


  1. thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog, dear! you're so sweet ;) yes, I hate Italy, because this country is such a MESS ;D i'm sure that finland is much much better, believe me, though there's 2 metres of snow haha thanks also for your compliment about my english, it's true, italians can't speak english very well ;)

    i've followed you back, of course!

  2. Follow!!!very nice!!!!:)kissess

    1. Thankyou Giada! ♥

      Kisses right back at u! :)

  3. Love the shoe that you pick!!

  4. What a cute stuff! I love the wedge!:) xoxo

    1. Yh, I totally fell in love w/ those shoes! Now I'm just hoping they'll have those when I go to Tallinn! I'll keep u updated ;) ♥