Thursday, 2 February 2012

My 1th Make-up tutorial...

Last night I had so much pain in my ears and throat that I couldn't sleep, so I used the time on something else: I made this little "piece of art":

So, what I did: I simply cut pics from old magazines (mainly GLAMOUR UK) and glued them onto a white paper. Then I just framed it whit this pale golden frame that I have had in my closet for ages.. ♥

They say u're supposed to try everything once: So I made a make-up tutorial on how to create the classic "Smokey-eyes" look on warm colours, using pink and shades of brown.. ♥

Looks really good especially on those who have brown eyes!

PS. notice: I found the sun ♥

A quick walk-thru:From pic 1-2. I applied the base: Including light pen, foundation, powder and a hint of white eyeshadow to cover the darkest circles around the eyes.3. I added A LOT of white kajal pen into the inner corner of the eye and also inside it! 4. Discover those eyebrows (really important if u're blonde like I am...) Notice that now I also added a pink eyeshadow from Rimmel to the moving part of the eyelid.On pic 5 I added brown Chanel eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye and drew a partial line under on the lower eyelid.
I also added Max Factor's masterpiece shimmer/eyeshadow onto the arc of the eye. (pic 6)
On picture no. 7 I added Lancôme mascara & LUMENE natural code eyeliner...
And in the pictures 8 and 9 I just added the cat look to the kajal and the fake lashes to finish the make-up!
Yay! Here's other inspiring looks that I'd love to try on ♥:

Why won't I get better?? ... I'm like literally dying here.. :( I just wanna get up an go jogging!
Well, no-can-do. I'll just TRY to get better... Meanwhile the blog should be called "Tara's deseases" or something, since I'm ALWAYS SICK.. Gosh. :'/

Well, hopefully you guys are healthy and havin' fun!
Luv, Tara. ♥


  1. This is beautiful "piece of art"!! Good job! :):)

    1. hey ♥
      Thankyou so much! :)

      Luv, T.

  2. Ihanat noi silmät! Varsinki toi mis on vihreet rajaukset:)! -Emmi<3