Wednesday, 1 February 2012

D.I.Y Barbie Beanie & shopping! ♥

Daddy's little girl's back!

Yesterday I went to the centrum w/ him to buy all the details to my "penkkari" outfit. Penkkari is a party for the last year students: We're gonna turn our schools upside down, then leave with trucks and throw candy as we go. After that the trunks r going to take us to the Harbour and we're going to Tallinn.

I guess the key is "have fun, be dumb, look stupid."

As said before I'm gonna be a barbie! ♥

Here's how I made my beanie (it's f''king freezing out there):
Take the logo and a beanie (Mine was like 5 e from Seppälä's sale...)
Cut the logo out from a felt fabric
So you just sew the logo into it's place, add some glitterglue and VOILÀ!

Here's also a bunch of other stuff for my barbie outfit.. It will be silly, but yet cuuuuute! ♥

So all together I'll have: Hairextensions, pink extension highlights, blue stud earrings, blue glittery hairflower, Barbie mug on pearl necklace, blue contactlenses, HUGE eyelashes...... and So on!

I'll also put on light green eyeshadow, pink blush and a lightpink lipstick.. ♥

ATM I'm SUPER ILL. literally dying so I'm not posting any pics of me r anything.. I'll be back when I'm a bit better..!

Love, T. ♥

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