Sunday, 22 January 2012

Home Sweet Home! ♥

WARNING: Long Post..

Guess where I am?

.. no I wasn't able to go out: 1th I was supposed to go sledding (no, I'm not kidding, and yes I'm 18 yrs old..) w/ my friend Anna but then she had to be somewhere so we didn't go. WELL after that I was asked to join my friends to see a film at the cinema (Lion King 3D .. I know..) but then they told me (they were all guys) "sorry, we decided that it's gonna be a guys night, so no girls." No hard feelings ? MY ASS!

Well atleast I went to vote for the next president and we cleaned the whole house with my mom, 'cause she has decided to sell it, and a saleslady came to evaluate the price..

While cleaning I took some pics of my room and my walk-in closet:

Haha yep, I know. "Such a Princess.."

But soon I'll have my own flat, and I'm gonna leave behind the pink walls and plastic crowns and grow up! I'm thinking light grey! ♥♥

Here's something from my shoppinglist. Simple, clean and sophisticated!

Notice: H&M Finland
The pillow // Here
The stripe sheets // Here

Yep.. All we need is dad to take me shopping!! ;) I have like 8 metres long shopping list for plates and other kitchen stuff, bathroom deco... towels... lamps... heehee.
I'm Bad! ♥

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  1. Täällä on yksi superkateellinen tyttönen :) Ihana huone, nätisti kaikki korut kengät .. Kivan kokoinen vaatehuonekin ^^ Blogistani löytyykin muuten hieman tällaisia unelmia.

    Mukavaa sunnuntai-iltaa,
    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  2. Kävin katsomassa: ihania kuvia!! ♥ joo ja tavaraa on kyllä mulle kertynyt vähän liikaakin, oon niin auttamattoman hullaantunut shoppailemiseen, eikä mitään raaski heittää ulos :/ Parin viikon päästä onneks kirpparille!

    ♥ T.

  3. Aww I like your blog and I like your room just how it is! It's so girly!!! I gave up having a girly room when i got married and I terribly miss having pink everywhere! :)

  4. amazing post,your room is so beautiful
    come back soon to visit my blog and thanks for your lovely comment on my post
    xoxo Theo