Thursday, 26 January 2012

V.I.I. ! ♥

a.k.a Very Important Information.
I noticed that there's kinda lot of info about me and my blog, which I haven't mentioned before..

so here I go now:

I  The Name Of The Blog

So as you know, the blog is called Tara Tarina. And the story behind it is a bit complicated, but try to follow:
So My name in Finnish is Taru. Which means a Story. Tarina in the other hand is a finnish synonyme for story. Also from Taru I've gotten the nickname Tara. SO you could see it as my name twice. But there's another twist: There is also a fashion designer Tara Jarmon and a jewellery designer Tarina Tanemura, and the name can also be seen as a tribute to these two.

II The Language

I am Finnish. And I speak Finnish and occasionally Swedish. But english is a language I've learned. (Thanks to my weakness for men with british accent haha) I also know fluent Italian and French. I travel a lot and I've made a great bunch of friends around the globe so I think it's fair for everyone to write in english, so if I write about a friend from another country they wont get pissed 'cause they don't understand it haha. And yes I might make a few silly errors here and there, some of them Typos, some of them just by the Finn inside me.. Also in future i'm planning on moving to England, so this is a great practise. Might actually do a video post one day, so u can hear me talking.

III I Draw
A lot. All the time. My dream is to be a fashiondesigner and i'm trying to get into a fashion school for next fall! I also have an art blog (mainly for school..) it's in finnish but you can check it out by clicking Here!
And the answer to a few question: Yes, they are all by me.

Today was my last day of Highschool on a time table. Now I will just return there to do exams.. And to party! So full speed ahead towards A-levels and Graduation, thankyou!

ahhhhh AND I want the new Garnier BB cream! it sounds like a product for me. and seems awesome!! it's basicly not a foundation and not a cream for face.... it's a combination of these two, a foundation that makes miracles = it's a "Skin Perfector" . Atleast that's what they say. I want to try it!!  ♥
The Finnish Garnier BB - website

Oh, and here's a few outfits from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!


Headband // TOPSHOP, Tubescarf // GinaTricot, Jacket // Cubus

Shirt // GinaTricot, Skirt // H&M


Tubescarf // Ginatricot, Lace Shirt // Zara, Denim shorts (used to be jeans tho) // Killah

PS. I'm starting on a mega diet. So byebye big thighs and welcome Super Skinny Me! I'd like to loose some of this Cheerleading muscle (honestly, I look like a guy from my back) and go for that more boney, model-like look. I'm thinking by the time of my graduation, 48kg? Don't tell my mom... ;)
This Blog might go all Pro-Ana, but anyways, here are my Inspirational blogs, that can give you some really useful tips! I'm gonna go by me some of those cool products, like Apple Cider Winegar & Green tea!
.. off to do some squats!

Useful weightlost links:

Hope you find those helpful, if you're planning on loosing some weight like I am. Happy to Help! ♥



  1. Aww your blog is so cute! Love your style :)


  2. aww, Thankyou both Michelle and Sofia! ♥

    xx, T.

  3. Hi Taru. You are very beautiful and you have a nice blog, so may i ask why do you want to be "super skinny/boney"? Is it what you consider as beauty? :/ it's really dangerous for your health.. I would like to know why you find anorexia sexy? What do you think about fat / curvy people then?

    Thanks a lot! I love your blog, and i hope your crazy weight loss won't hurt you :/ You would be beautiful even if you weigh 68kg! xx

    1. awwwwww thankyou! I bet I know you, or then you're just a very caring person! ♥

      But really umm.. I would lie if i'd say it's not because of media, and all the models in magazines BUT

      I just hate to see myself in jeans--- and I'd so want to wear jeans.. :( SO I'd love to get smaller from the butt area (:D) to looks good in jeans..

      But no, I don't find anorexia sexy. I actually just a while ago saw this really skinny girl and went "ewwww she looks bad.." so no I don't find it sexy. But I don't think sellulite is sexy either. OR too much muscle as in my case !!

      But thanks for caring, it's really sweet, and I promise not to hurt myself! :)

      I'm glad u liked the blog ♥

      xx, T.