Thursday, 19 January 2012


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..gosh I'm at home in fever.
But yet I'm still studying All The time! That should be illegal - I'm pretty sure that by the end of the school (and my A-levels) I'm gonna fall into pieces! Good luck finding my pieces from the schoolyard! haha.. Also I've just been panting my nails back and forward with differend shades.. exciting..

Also, This desease is Killing my Back. My back has never hurt so badly. And I haven't been lifting Anything! except my ass from my bed to the sofa and back. Sweet..

Anyways, enough with complains, I'm really excited about starting at the UNI next fall! And that will also mean that I'll be getting my first own appartment! And I love interior designing! Can't wait!

Also I've been planing my graduatuation party, and It'll be awesome. I'm hoping to get a quite different gift tbh... I would love to have a laser eyesurgery.. See I used to wear glasses from the age 6-12, and then my sight got better and I didn't need them anymore.. But I used to be bullied! :( poor kid... So having glasses again is the last thing I'm hoping. But my sight is nowadays kinda week. Meaning that I should have something. And that's why I really wish to get that surgery..

Also I'd love to have the Chanel pearls. I've dreamed about them since like the age of 13?? well.. We'll see then!
PS. These ones..
Heyy! Only 2 weeks and I'll get my hairextensions!! Omg...
Okay, I might sound a bit superficial.. but I can always say that She is worse..:

Korean girl doesn't remove her makeup for 2 years!

.. cool that after that her face was 20 years older that she is.. And she's actually pretty without all that stuff in her face!
My godness.

I'm just gonna waste some time now for THIS blog:

if I'm feeling well enough tomorrow I'll go back to school. Hurray..
Well if I follow this tutorial tonight, I will look like an (pale) angel tomorrow.

On top of all she's also super cutiee! awwie.. :') ♥
(I would not watch hair tutorials from some cocky mega bitch haha!)

Luv, T.

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