Friday, 20 January 2012

"I'm Fragile and I'm Hopeless..." lalala♥

Don't worry, today I'm not complaining about the weather or my lack of tan or the fever..

I'm having a good day! Hanging in my sweatpants, listening to heartbreaking "please take me back" and "I love you.." Music. Gosh. Friday afternoon? Yes. I'm still sick u see.

I went to school today, which wasn't such a great idea. I was passing out in my fever and took a medicine every 15 minutes. haha.. But it was actually kinda fun! The school is soon over. No more Highschool. Dude.. Can I cry when it ends? Can I?
Most of the time I hated that crap.. but.. I'm... going... to miss... it?? There you go, I said it. Happy now? haha..

We got our ABI (= a last year student) sweatpants and hoodies with prints by my childhood friend Josie, with who I walked home from school today. And both of us were falling over on the slippery road. heehee.. Oh and the idea in the print is to have a sentence with "Abi" in it...:
Oh yes, my hoodie is pink (in the pic the back of the hoodie.)

Anyways I'm really gonna miss those insane three year that have really been messing with my mental health! Jk!

OH and here are the curls I made with the tutorial I linked into my earlier post! I can't make a normal face so I'm just posting these weird pics of me haha!
alrighty.. here's one of my 'Pooring my Heart out for you, Love' -songs. Enjoy. Or not. It's up to you, really.

hihi ♥♥ T.


  1. Ihana kuva susta! Nätit kiharat ^^

    Ja tosi hauskat abi-hupparit..:P Me ei otettu sellasia aikoinaan, phööh harmittaa. Ai niin en myöskään ottanu ala-asteen ekalla luokkasormusta, hah :)

    Kivaa viikonloppua,

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  2. Your eye makeup is gorgeous! I'm now following your blog, btw. :) Follow me back?? :) :)

    1. thanks! (: ..and now I'm following u too!