Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cabin fever?

Still sickISH. I've been home all day.

No, actually I did go to the supermarket for like 10 mins to pick up milk for my Cafe Latte..
And my sis drop my nephew here for a sleepover before going to this wedding. So I did her hairdo and then I've just been babysitting..

Here's my little dude:

Hanging around with a child all day makes me want to wear colours!

Tassel earrings // H&M

Those nails are.. how would I say it? a Bit over the top, perhaps? Well.. I was just supposed to do my cuticles.. but then I started applying color.. and. oops? And btw that My Little Pony balloon is mine. My sis bought it for my 2 years ago.. The nails just happened to match with it! ♥

Tonight I was supposed to go to a bar with the guys. But. As said, I'm still sick. Tomorrow I'll go out, no matter what!!! or else I'll go totally insane (with my mother......)

hopefully I'll have something interesting to tell you tomorrow, these "i'm sick" posts couldn't be more Lame.. :/

I can always entertain you like I entertain myself at home:

I Love her, She is So funny! ♥


  1. Cute ! ^^ Onko helpompi / parempi jos kommentoidaan englanniksi? Kaikki käy, itseltä tulee vain luonnostaan kommentoida suomalaisille ihan äidinkielellä ^^ Vastaile toki ihan kuin vain haluat minun blogissani:>

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  2. I love Jenna Marbles! Someone stopped me in the store and asked for my autograph the other day...They thought I was her! I look nothing like her, but I totally took it as a compliment! lol

    1. Haha! you're lucky! I would love to hear that too.. Jenna Marbles is super hot - and funny!! Damn her!♥