Sunday, 29 January 2012

Winter Day

Here I am, at home, hanging in my cosy TOPSHOP Slippers. Sipping my green chai tea w/ soya milk..

When I go out I need to put on regular socks + woolly socks + UGGS. Somewhere ppl are wearing flipflops. So unfair..

I have decided that if I can't get into any schools for next fall, I'll go to america for a yr/6 months. It seems that everyone's happy, thin and tanned in L.A.. I wanna go see for myself! I am SO fed up w/ the finnish weather: in summer it rains all the time and in winter u can't leave the house without dying out there.. I'm done with being an eskimo!

Just look at Nicole Richies L.A. Style...

..Oh how I want those YSL sunglasses from the 1th picture. ♥♥♥
Today I went for a walk and well - I had my camera with me!

Woolly hat // Carlings, Jacket // Cubus, Quilted bag and tube scarf both // GinaTricot

We skipped the sushi for today, and decided to go tomorrow after our swedish exam.. So I'll be off to bed, and we'll see how I'll do in the exam! x


  1. that first nicole richie outfit is to doe for! :)

    1. yhhh I would be soooo happy to look like that :( ♥

  2. Nättejä talvikuvia. :> Ihana video!
    + noi molemmat nicolen lasit on kyllä huiput.

    Kiitos kommentista! Juu multa tulee varmaan suomea ;) riippuu tilanteesta varmaan mullakin, hih.
    Kivaa alkuviikkoa,

    - Indie by Heart

    1. Kiitos! ♥

      Hyvää alkuviikkoa sullekkin!