Tuesday, 3 January 2012

God Save The King ♥

Yesterday I had quite an awful day. 1th I didn't sleep really nearly at all, because I'm currently sharing my room with my sis for few weeks. And while she sleeps, she does this horrible sound with her teeth.. So I needed to evacuate myself to the couch. Which is uncomfortable..
oh my lord..

Well Then I had to wakeup early to go to a beauty salon called 'Salon Fabulous' in Pikkuhuopalahti, Helsinki, where I get my eyelashes done. And well, leaving the house without makeup is already bad enough by itself, but I also left my hairstraightener at my friends house on nye, so I had to leave with curlyISH hair. Super..
"use me..." Make-up bag // Gucci
My weird wavy hair..
 Then after getting my eyelashes done (and trying on some hairextesions.. ♥) I looked out the window - a mother fucking Snow Storm... And you're not supposed to wash your eyelashes in 24h after getting them done. Also I was wearing peeptoe heels. Fml..
at Pikkuhuopalahti..
Well I headed to the center of Helsinki to do some comfort shopping, and I found some cute pieces... a cardigan from Spirit Store, a pink skirt from Monki (only 6 e!), cute walking shoes for my trip to London also from Spirit Store and a small 'wallet-kinda-thing' to protect my cell, from H&M.

Then I went to get interviewed to this cafe I didn't know, and got lost in the mf snowstrom. It was so bad. And I wasn't wearing any gloves or a scarft or anything for that matter.. Then I finally found the cafe and I was So Cold... I nearly cried. I called my dad for help and he promised to pick me up after the interview. The interview btw was about brands and my brandbehavior (it was actually really interesting.)

Then Dad came to pick me up! ♥ (...now u probably get the tittle too.)

I mean who really needs a Prince when u have a Daddy? ♥ while in car, I suddently remembered my hairstraigtener and we went to get it from my friend. ♥ So my baby is back home with me!

Here's my outfit of the Day:
Top // Only, Bandeau // Monki
Skirt // GinaTricot + skinny leather belt
Stockings // GinaTricot
Heels // Tally Weijl

these + Snowstorm = Win..
too early to look good

x, T

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