Sunday, 15 January 2012

... It's been a WEEK.

This week I've been so busy that the last time I blogged was last Sunday and... today it's Sunday again!

Heels // Zara
 Well between these two Sundays I've been too busy, too tired and too stressed. on Monday I had the tryouts, and eventho that morning in the gymclass I hurt my leg, I still got in!! On Tuesday I didn't go to school 'cause I was so dead.. On Wednesday I had my first cheerpractise in the new team - yay! On Thursday I was D-E-A-D. honestly.. eeehhh I hate school...

AND on Friday and Saturday I got my cheerpractise. And on Sat I also had a parteeeeh with my friends. It was amazing! I had a plast. and today I've been sending important e-mails and chillin with my grandparents.
My granpa taughed me a lot about the finnish warhistory, which is actually really helpful, since I'm doing History in my A-levels..

here are some pics taken on the week..

Heart necklace // Pieces, Heels // Kurt Geiger

... pics I took from my room, when I put on some candles and tried to chill and not hate school on Thursday. And  the shoes (by Kurt Geiger) are for my Gratuation party..

woohoo such an random post. . .
Yup, I'll cheer up now. And to tell you something ACTUALLY interesting: I just got invited into a job interview and I've booked the venue for my gratuation party. Also my future seems to be a bit clearer.. Still heading into studying fashiondesign, no doubt on that!

PS. Here's a interview of Katie Piper, an inspirational girl who was attacked with acid by her exboyfriend. After surviving, this sweetheart shared her story with the world and founded an association to help ppl who have been trough this kind of violence..

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  1. Oh my gosh. That poor girl, that's awful. :( A good friend of mine just went thru something similar to this. They just released her from the hospital, thank God she survived, but just barely. She's a very lucky and blessed person.