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Highlights of the Year 2011 ♥

January 2011 was quite busy with fixing prom stuff and getting schoolwork done. I also had the epic ski-trip with my friends! - blog post about the ski trip
Also we had one awesome night as underaged chicks in one of the biggest clubs in Helsinki. We accidentally participated in the Floorball World Championship afterparty, where Finland had won. It was one of the most memorable nights out in my entire life. afterwards I told my friend: "You wanted a party. I gave u The Party."  (All the things that can happen when u pretend to be Italian!)

..I had my prom. Then the day after I left to Italy. So my february was packing-getting ready-shopping-Prom-fairwell-Italy-Getting used to the Italian way of life. The first two weeks in Italy I was Dead Tired All The Time!! It wasn't because of a jetlag or anything (there's only 1h difference) it was because I was forced to learn so much so fast. I was trying to understand and make myself understood.. But the hard work payed off, and I learned the language nearly perfectly.
My House in Tuscany, Italy

3th of march in italy is called "Il Carnevale" - "The Carnival" and we went to the biggest club of Tuscany along with 3000 other italians to celebrate!
I was dressed as a Fairy 'La Fatina' and tbh I wanted to run out of the club, because I have never in my life been so Surrounded by Men.

Then on the following weekend I was taken to explore Tuscany. I saw cities like Lucca, Pisa, Viareggio, San Giminiano, Volterra.. It was amazing. And Beautiful.
San Giminiano

On bikes in Lucca

I went to Sicily with my class 3BE. It was an awesome trip. Then we also visited Bologna with my friend Elena, Leonardo and Cosimo. We saw beautiful things, visited a few stores, had a nap in a park (yes we did) and ate a bolognese dish, that was basicly a warm filled wrap/bread. So Good!!

Me and Elena on a bus in Sicily

Me and Cosimo in the Park where we napped, Bologna

Was my last month in Italy. For that we partied, shopped and sunbathed our asses off. Probably the best month of the year 2011 !

..I got home. It was such an culture shock! Also my walk-in closet got an make-over and was refilled with my new Italian clothes and accessories. In June I also met my ex.

From here started my crazy Spring break with party all night long. Also on the 25th I lost my dear friend André. Rest in Peace.
R.I.P André. I miss you. ♥
was filled with Drama. I went to italy to party with my friend, but ended up in the middle of a great drama (still had a blast tho) and then I came back to broke up with my boyfriend in time for my birthday. In June I also worked All The Time. (eww.)



Then I had a serie of fun events:
♥ I went to see Rihanna Live with my friends
♥ My two bestfriends Anna and Sabrina had their B-day on the 25th
(I'm the one in the green shirt!)
- And then school restarted.
Rihanna on stage


On september the school was going on full speed - and so was cheerleading! We were having a big competition on october, so we were really focusing on developing our skills. 21 h of cheerleading in one week-end? Impossible is nothing! 
I did have some time to party too, when the time came to put on a celebration for the 100 days of school we had left! So 1th we went to school in our Togas, and then we went to celebrate to this club, called Kaivohuone.

One word: The cheercompetition!

Here's a video of us failing the pyramid. Oopps! Still we had fun and an awesome trip to Tampere. I ♥ My Team

I started My Art Blog for this school project.
Besides that I did a lot of school work (almost too much) and celebrated Halloween! On the annual halloween party of  Tavastia-club I met this guy who I am 'kinda dating'..

And the year came to it's end! But just before it did I still had some time to work at the Finlands National Championship -cheerleading competition and we had a cheer show.. And then came christmas. Finally. ♥


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