Sunday, 7 August 2011

soon 18 ???

TOMORROW I will be 18 years old..

that just feels SO SICK and SO WRONG and omg. No, it can't be. can it?
My summer has gone too fast! After I came back from Italy I've been working, training, going out with friends, working on my tan... even got a boyfriend. And broke up. (no comments what so ever)

also.. I've lost a very close friend a while ago. so I'm still just getting over that. . .
Not gonna go into that, I will just get sad. Instead here are some pictures from my 18th B-day!

The menu was simple but effective: 'Make-your-own-salad', SUSHI ♥, french baquettes, 2 princess cakes (made entirely by ME, other one was strawberry-banana and the other chocolate), whitechocolate/milkchocolate cupcakes, marshmallows, popcorn... and Shampagne!

We had a lovely dinner with the girls, and then the boys came for the dessert. After that we went to a bar in the center.. I even ended up in a magazine called 'City' with my friend! 

Outfit nro.1: Blue top//MANGO
Leggings// GinaTricot
Heels// GUCCI

Outfit nro.2 (for Bar):
Black dress//TallyWeijl

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