Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Be My Valentine?

Call an ambulance or something, MY PROM is in 2 days!
INSANE. and well.. My 'Italian experience' (what ever that will mean..) starts in 4. . . days...

are you kidding me!?
  - apparently not...

Friends to the rescue? well, atleast a few! and about friends: they mean the world to me :)
I also had a fairwell party on sunday (in cheerleading -style) and it was great! oh the things that friends can do! They made me so much food that I got angry - I won't be fitting my promdress anyday soon.. and I made them new turquoise bows.. (see from below)

I am literally shaking of excitement..!

My Team Babes
Me and My Bestfriend S

  Fairwell cards and gifts ♥ (the cheer-animal is called BABE♥)

the Valentine song - straight from my look-a-like..

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