Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Artist ♥

The Sun Is Shining !!!
..Without saying anything else, here's pretty far my day in pictures:
My Passion fruit Slush at the Cinema
My shoe!
The stairs of the cinema (Kino-palace, Helsinki)
We went to see 'The Artist' w/ my mom. And we both agreed it was breathtaking and insanely good! A true masterpiece!
I could almost see my reflection from my (slightly dusty) handbag!
My River Island watch and a heart ring from Forever21
Before walking home I briefly visited Zara... and found so many cute pieces... damn.
..including this super cute jumpsuit! and do laugh at my white legs.. summer hurry up!

Tbh The day isn't quite over yet: I'm off to have a walk with one of my bestfriends! Yay, such a lovely Sunday! Hope u had a good day too! xoxo!

Ps. If you didn't know what The Artist is about, do watch the trailer from below! X


  1. amazing bag ;]

  2. onks sun pidennykset muuten klipsit vai millaset? :)

  3. ihana kello !!:)