Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy ♥

Sorry it took me longer than a day to get the pics of my tattoo.. But now I got them!
Taking this pic was such a struggle: I had to bend my arm backwards to take the pic from behind, 'cause there's no-one else here to help me!

Anyways, I made it and here is the picture!!

The idea of the tattoo comes from a Finnish saying "Happiness is found from between your ears" as in "happiness is found in you." I wanted my tattoo to remind me of something important. And I'm always trying to overachieve, so it reminds me that only I can make myself happy, and no-one else, unless I don't let them. Also I don't need to seek for anyone elses approval, I should just be happy with myself. Something really important. Also the last two S-letters are kinda like two 8's, 'cause I was born on the 8th of August at 8 o'clock. So obviously it's my lucky number! !♥♥

Few days ago I told that I had bought some summer clothes, so I might as well post those pics too..
All // GinaTricot !

Yay, This Happy Happiness Chic is off to bed. But before that I have a confession to make; I might have a small crush on someone... ;)
That is all I'm confessing! Stay Tooned! ♥ 
Kisses'n'Hugs, Tara
"...Hello Hello, can you hear me?
I can be your china doll, if you want to see me fall.."


  1. Wau upee tatska!! <3 t. Malou

    1. kiitos, oon itekkin tosi tyytyväinen! ♥

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! ♥ They're from Gina Tricot, only 29,90e

  3. fine song ; D

  4. Ah your tattoo is just awesome dear!! Kisses!:)

    1. Thankyou! ♥ I'm really happy with it:) xx

  5. Aivan ihana tatuointi :) Ja söpöt shortsit x

    - Satu
    Indie by heart