Thursday, 19 April 2012

Summer of Love 2012! ♥

Hey everyone
It's 3:00am and I'm updating my blog. I know it's insane, but that's just how I roll - haha!

I'm just SO exited about the upcoming summer! Today I bought a pair of shorts and a crop top from GinaTricot. I'm so exited, the shorts are hott!! 'cause the light sucks right now, I'll take the pics later! I've also bought a pile of summer tops and bikinis, and soon I'm about to buy a cropped denim jacket and these super cute pale brown gladiators. Then I'll have to CHILL THE FUCK OUT with shopping. 'cause I'm seriously out of control!

Anyways, here are some pics from We♥ that I find quite inspiring for the summer...
.... I just can't wait! Tomorrow I'll have to upload some pics of my summer wardrobe. And the tattoo!
Today I went to the movies w/ my pals Anna, Alberto, Aaro, Juhani, Tuomas and Sabrina. We saw the new American pie, and I thought it was actually quite funny. On Sunday mom's taking me to see 'The Artist' and I'm really excited about that too! ♥
Also, I've been "coding" with this guy.. We'll see what's gonna happen - if anything!

Oh yeah and today while with my friends, one of them gasped "you are just so pretty!" out of the blue! Those little confident boosts mean the world to my low selfesteem..

I just LOVE my friends! Can't wait for the summer and all the chilling and sunbathing and summerparties with them. Last summer we set the bar quite high, but this year we're gonna go even higher!! AND I'm spending three weeks in London and Paris !! L-O-V-E!

while in the movies, this trailer hit the screen and we all agreed that our summer will look something like this;

How did they even got the horse into the party!? Geez!
Anyways, gotta run - to bed! Sunshine and kisses for everyone!


  1. OOH ihania kuvia <3 ja vooi sulla on mahtavia ystäviä ! ^^ ps. Sä OLET kaunis neitisein. :) hyvää yötä huomenta, täälläkin kukutaan pikkutunneille. x Satu

    1. voi kiitoksia taas ♥♥
      Toi unirytmi on kyllä kinkkinen juttu, hitsi kun siihen vois vaan ottaa jonku buranan ja asia olis sillä selvä!!

      xx, Tara

  2. i Need summer!! : D

  3. Nice pics!

  4. I agree.