Thursday, 4 November 2010


H'ola Pumpkins! ♥ (pumpkins indeed!)

Eventhough Halloween already passed us by, I want to make a small post about the costumeparty-day of the year, before I start my annual getting-ready-to-christmas process!

Here's Chanel Iman for VOGUE Germany (Nov 2009) showing us how to do it RIGHT!♥

TIP: The best place to see how the celebs did it this Halloween is from the blog of the celebrity-gossip Queen-male, Perez Hiton (

Here's some of MY outfits:

Halloween 2010

 u might have already noticed, I was dressed up as a cat - meow!
+ pay attention to my sequin leggings (from Zara)! Highly shiny, and extremely uncomfortable!

Here's also some from last years Halloween:

Scary? well, there can be a lot of opinions on that ! But here we are, Kitten, French Maid (me) and a Witch. And ofc a bottle of something sparkling!♥

I hope u had a Happy Halloween! I know I did ;)

As a cherry on top of the cake: They have opened the worlds first +18 cakestore in London to selebrate Halloween!! It's a great thing to those who are dieting: these cakes are not looking delishious! :D More about the evil cake store called 'EAT YOUR HEART OUT & THE PRETOX POTION' on their blog:

That was all for now, Lovers!

'You know you love me, XOXO...'  ♥♥♥

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