Sunday, 7 November 2010

EMA's 2010

Still about an hour 'till the annual Europe Music Awards (Live from redcarpet) starts in Madrid, Spain! EXITING!
And what's even more exiting is that this years host will be the gorgeous desperate housewife - Eva Longoria-Parker, and she's gonna beat last years host Katy Perry with 13 outfit changes! And one of her dresses will be designed by Victoria Beckham! I'm almost shaking for exitement!

What's also exiting, is that Lady Gaga will be in da house! And her outfit's never counts as boring..
Let's look back to this years VMA's (MTV Video Music Awards)


delichious...! Unless ur a vegetarian like me. and Yes, ur eyes are not lying - her dress and shoes are made out of bacon and she has a steak on her head. . Yummy? Well as she says: "Men loves bacon"

But tbh, who are we to judge? I mean can u really honestly say that u'd have the courage to go on a stage all covered in.. bacon?

The real question is: What would you wear for the EMA's ?

I'd probably play it safe with Valentinos short light grey dress from the prefall collection 2010, spicing it up with edgy black heels, glam hair-do and dark eye make-up.

..too bad we're not there!

Anyways, soon it'll start, and I don't want to miss a second of it, so see ya later, alligator(s)!
And enjoy the EMAs ;) !!

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