Monday, 8 November 2010


The EMAs? awesome! Those 13 outfits on Eva? Lovely! Except for one....

... Did Eva just dressed up as a.. Ham? Sweet!

BTW! Too bad that Lady Gaga couldn't make it to Madrid, but atleast the crowd in Budabest got quite a show, and for that we have to congratulate u, LG ! ♥ WELL DONE!
And did u see the Longoria family?! I guess I need to study my roots a bit too (oh, God, let me have Spanish relatives too!)
And my last note on the EMAs 2010 ---> was Ke$ha... DRUNK??

Well,  anyways, thanks for the show, it was incredible! (My favourite award was the one they gave to Shakira for her charity work in Africa! Go Waka Waka!)

If u missed EMAs or u wanna read more about it go to

While u're surfing there, u might see this: Only The Hot Parts: Emma Watson Joins The No Pants Club <-- ..and u might go: ":O"
but.... she does look great, doesn't she? (I mean, breath in and out for ten times and when u've passed the shock state, look again!)

Aaaanyways, I'm (still) sick and tired! so let's call it a night, shall we?

Kisses (fortunately they're virtual, so u won't be infected!) ♥

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