Saturday, 6 November 2010

Oh what a glorious morning..

...IF u find it glorious to be sick - ouch! And that shall be the reason for me not to post a picture of my todays outfit - 'cause I'm in my byjamas!

Well, anyhow I Think this all writing a blog thing is growing on to me. (: Now I almost feel a need to do it! And I promise: When I get better, I'll start posting pics of my outfits like a true fashionblogger - haha ;)

Meanwhile - Isn't it just lovely to talk on the phone for ur old friend? the best way to wake-up! I spent like 2 first hours of the day by talking about memories with my dear friend Linda!
Here's one of our great memories together: On a beach in the Comino island, Malta. There's Anniina, Me and Linda. I miss those girls LOADS! 
Anyways, Here I am, sitting in front of my desk, with the worst headaich EVER and I can truly feel the fever! Oh lord, well, what can u say? It is what it is :D While I listen to Bruno Mars singing "Girl you're amazing, just the way u are..." I try to avoid seeing myself from the mirror.

Well, to be clear I am here to write about fashion, right? SO, let's start, shall we!

....exactly! Here in Finland we have only one prom during Highschool. (yes, it's quite sad) But, that means, that all the focuse is on that one particular day. And this is pretty much how the day goes: First we wake-up extremely early in the morning and head to the hair-dresser and make-up (dw, all the spraytanning and solarium has been taken care of earlier :D (eventhough, I don't do that - I'm pale and I'm proud (thankyou, Twilight!)) So this all happends between like 7-9:00 am. And then we head to our schools (this happends in every highschool in Finland on the same day) and our prom is nothing like "let's dance a bit a have a band and get drunk." - oh no no no! We have been learning differend kinds of ballroom dances before the prom and then we have three shows on that one day, the first one at 11am and the last one at 6pm. and well, after that we change our gowns to glittery party dresses, add some more make-up, jump into limos and head first to a restaurant and after that to the clubs.
And when it comes to these two prom outfits (the gown itself and the afterparty dress) it's our time to show it off, and put out best efford on them. So, I've been planning on something like this:

H&M product image
My favorite piece from H&M!
ahhh, I love that dress! and it's not too expensive either!

and it would perfectly fit with these:
'Sakura' glitter platform shoes by TOPSHOP (
but then....

There's another dress too: Electric blue one shoulder chiffon minidress by VERO MODA, from ASOS
Oh, the difficulty of choise! Please comment if u think that the other outfit would be LOOOADS better than the other one (:

And now, let me get a cup of tea and a tissue (or two..)

I'll be back, and hopefully I'll be better then!
see ya soon, honeys!

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