Monday, 8 November 2010

A Grey Day

This day has been awfully grey (and not only the weather). I've sat here at home, doing nothing else but schoolwork and ehhh.. nothing. What an boring day.. allthough there has been a little action in my day too...

First: I got a cut from my foundation cream jar (awesome) Thanks a lot, Dior
and then.. Desperate Housewives made a comeback on TV here in Finland! YAY! ♥

Otherwise this day has been DULL, DULL and DULL. Well tomorrow it's back to school, and then to cheer practice after that and oh lord. WELL, atleast finally I'll get my action.

AND, here's the outfit of the day (and surprise surprise: it's GREYish!)

And what we got here, is a really messy room haha well it's me - so there's clothes everywhere!

And I'm wearing a short denim dress by Guess, black basic leggings, black over the knee boots, grey knitted tube scarf, cute and girly blazer with little puff-sleeves in the color of grey and huge golden earrings all from H&M, and the denim 'Chanel-style' mini bag is a find from Malta.

Yep, that's all (a LOT of H&M there!)

PS: Here's something about Eva Longorias Ham dress: (and BTW U really think that LG would've gotten upset BY THAT? ohh please, I think (and hope) she has a bit thicker skin!)

 : T

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